Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Week-end

Things this year were just going to be different.  We have spent the last several Easters with our good friends in VA.  We had planned to go again this year too.  Then the date of Rebecca's missions trip was moved forward a day and we knew it just wasn't going to work out.  We missed hanging out with our friends, but knew that we would also have fun in our own ways at home.

I tried to leave some margin in our days so that we could just have fun family time.  Christopher came home on Wed night.  (Love that State gives them 2 days off for Easter!).  On Thursday, I was at co-op with the 3 younger boys (my turn to teach) and then home for the afternoon.  Roger was off on Friday so we had that as just a fun family day.

We decided to go for a bike ride to a nearby park.  Eliana rode in a "carrier thing" attached to a bike (riding on the ground).  She usually likes this, but wasn't all that keen on it this time around.  Everyone else had a great time riding.  

 It was a gorgeous day!  We spent time at the park on a nearby empty field playing.  Eliana and her  Daddy did spend some time at the playground too.
 Daniel has become a great bike rider!  Its fun seeing him enjoy this activity.  I like that its one more thing that we can all have fun doing together.
 We also spent time playing football (Joshua and Daniel).
 Hackeysack.  (Christopher and Rebecca)
 Racing (Roger and REbecca).

Reading a book.  This just cracked me up.  Eliana loves to walk around with chapter books.  I'm not sure if it is the smaller size or what it is about them that intrigues her.  She does this quite often at home too.
Isaiah liked reading history quiz questions to see who can get the correct answer the fastest!

 The Eno.  One of Christopher's most favorite places to hang out!
 Quite funny when he tackles Daniel and takes him captive too.
 We spent most of Saturday celebrating Easter as a family.  WE had an egg hunt.  Christopher, Rebecca and I hid a ridiculous number of eggs.  I hunted for gluten free candy this year and thankfully there are lots of options.  I didn't get lots of great pictures.

Joshua debated being one that hid the eggs this year.  I encouraged him to hunt.  I told him that he would have the rest of his life to hide eggs and that he should enjoy the hunt this year while he still can.  :-)
 Even after they finished hunting, we went around and found many more eggs.  Later in the day, Christopher and Rebecca walked around and still found 9 more eggs.  Wondering if there are still eggs out there to be found!
 Just loved this picture of our happy girl.
 She spent a while hunting and then told me that she was done. I asked if she wanted to find more.  She told me no.  I encouraged her again telling her that there was candy inside the eggs.  Nope.  She was done and wanted to go watch "Ferb".  LOL  I guess its good that candy doesn't have a huge pull on her.
 We attended church at 4pm.  I am thankful that it was an option to go on Saturday so that we could attend as a family.  It was a wonderful service!  Christopher and Roger went back again on Sunday to volunteer at church.  AFter the service we came home and took photos.  Some of Rebecca were on a previous post.
First I worked on getting a good shot of our children.  It was amazingly easy this year.  We had a few shots that I liked!

 We even got a good family shot too!

 Time for our Easter meal.  It wasn't fancy, but it was good.  The favorite of the younger crowd was jello eggs!

 We also had ham, spinach salad (with a variety of toppings to make everyone happy), parmesan tomatoes (really yummy recipe that Rebecca found), chicken salad (with and without grapes), potato salad (which I forgot to pull out of the fridge), roasted cauliflower and pickled cucumbers.  Yum!
The rest of our week-end was full.  Up late.  A trip to the airport to send Rebecca off and then home at 6am.  Its been a long time since I've pulled an all-nighter like that.  Working at church.  Friends over for lunch.  Christopher heading back to school.

In the midst of the relaxed time and the busier times, I'm reminded of why we celebrate.  Its all Jesus.  He died in MY place.  He paid for my sins.  He conquered death and rose again.  He is RISEN!

With a grateful heart,