Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rebecca's Birthday

Just wanted to share a little bit of how we celebrated our sweet girl's birthday.  Roger took the day off from work as is his custom for their birthdays.  (Isn't that a great tradition?!)  Rebecca wanted to go to the park to picnic and play.  We invited some friends and headed out to the park. 

It was a chilly day, but still fun to hang out with friends.  One sweet friend brought cupcakes (thank you Rebecca!).

The kids played capture the flag and tag.  Fun games that can involve all who want to play.  Of course there was a playground to play on as well.

We even got a family photo!

After several hours we went home.  Rebecca and I then headed out again.  We first went to Panera to get smoothies.  Yum.  Then we headed to a spa for pedicures.  We were the last people in there for the day.  It was fun to have some pampering.

Then home for dinner that Rebecca picked out.  She also picked out Key Lime Pie for dessert. 

Most of the rest of the evening was filled with packing and baking.  Rebecca made 5 pies for Thanksgiving.  We had a great Thanksgiving week-end with my family and I'll post more on that tomorrow.