Wednesday, August 1, 2012

NC history - April

This was our last class meeting of our NC History group.  We were learning about the Revolutionary War in preparation of visiting one of our Historic Sites from this time period.

We focused our morning on learning about the war as it  happened in North Carolina.
What were the stories and people that were affected in NC?
Where did the skirmishes and battles take place?
In order to put all of that into perspective though, we needed some background details.

 We learned about the various acts and actions that impelled this country towards a rebellion.  

They took turns reading about these actions.

And then placed them on a timeline.

Or on a map.

Involving the students in the learning is a great way to engage them.

Getting moving while you are learning adds even more!  I think this is a fun and fabulous way to learn.

We visualized our backyard as the state of North Carolina.

Signs were set up to indicate where in the state the battle took place.  Isn't this a fun idea?
As we walked from sign to sign (in chronological order), we learned about the battles.  What were the causes and outcomes.

While we were enjoyed in the past, the little girls were very much in the present, enjoying the wide eyed boat!

After learning about the battles, we planned to visit the site of one of them.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel due to family emergency and I'm not sure when we'll be able to return.   Hopefully one day soon.
I do love learning about history and highly encourage you to take time to explore your state and learn about its past.  Its a fascinating way to learn to appreciate where you live.