Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Roger - and a cute little story!

Happy Birthday sweetie!  I wish we could have seen more of you today (worked a long day/night), but we look forward to celebrating with you tomorrow!  I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful year - filled with God's grace, challenge, growth, peace and joy!

I wanted to share a funny little story about Daniel (4yo).  He made a card for me yesterday and came to give it to me while I was cooking dinner.  Since my hands were dirty, I asked him to set it on the counter and I would look at it in just a minute.  He wandered off and in a few minutes I looked at the card.

It was a small card made of paper that had been cut and glued on both sides.  He had decorated the outside with drawing and on the inside were scribbled lines.  I chuckled when I saw this because it looked like a note.  I found him and thanked him for the card.  Then I asked him what it said on the inside.  He kind of chuckled and said "i can't read, you read it". 

That just made me laugh.  Guess if it looks like writing it must be and since he can't read, surely I could.  Funny boy!