Monday, November 4, 2013

Joshua's Birthday

My children are getting older.  (Which sadly means that so am I!  LOL)  
Joshua starts his birthday morning in much the same way that he starts every other day.  Taking steps that most of us don't have to and considering things that most of us (thankfully) can take for granted.  He checks his blood sugar level.  This is a tough thing to balance - especially in the midst of puberty.  
Breakfast is always foods chosen by the person celebrating.  Joshua chose biscuits and sausage gravy.  The crown is from a popper - also his request.  :-)
Opening gifts.
Notice anything about this picture?  Like which character is not his favorite.  LOL
Lunch - subway sandwiches.
And now for a clue/scavenger hunt story designed by his brothers.  I love when they do things for each other like this.  Something that I started long ago and is now a tradition that they enjoy doing for each other.
The search is on.

Just what he wanted - a ripstick.
He has gotten to be pretty good on it and really does get great use out of it.
We set up games in the afternoon for a competition.  Ultimate frisbee with our own course around the yard and...
in the woods too.
The trickier the better in their eyes.
Adding up the scores to see who won.
Next up ... bocce ball.

And lastly ladder ball.
For dinner ... "tacos that someone else puts together".
Happy Birthday 14th Joshua.  

I'm so thankful for you and glad that you are my son.  I prayed for you for a long time before you were born and was so very happy to welcome you to our family.  I enjoy your humor and your wit.  I'm thankful for your teachable heart and your willingness to learn.  I'm encouraged by your bravery and your desire to impact the world around you.  I pray for you that you will learn to listen to God's words and follow Him completely.

I love you!