Friday, December 14, 2012

Beyond FIAR Co-op: Marie Curie #2

For our second meeting with Marie Curie, we focused on learning more about Paris which is where Marie studied after leaving Poland.  

We looked at a map and found some of the specific places mentioned in the book.  We also watched a Rick Steve's video about Paris.  These are really good if you have not yet seen them.

We also spent time doing some science experiments in order to learn more about Chemistry.  What fun!  There were 8 experiments set up around the room and the students were split into pairs.  That way each student had a chance to conduct an experiment and then watch the others.

The first was to look at the air pressure.  Its neat to see the paper sticking to the cup of water when turned upside down!  Want to learn more - read about it here.

The second experiment had to do with the surface tension of water.
The students added pepper to a dish filled with water.
When you add a drop of dish soap, the pepper moves quickly away.  You can watch the experiment here.  
Third experiment used magic markers, paper towels and a bowl of water.  The students colored lines across the strip of paper towel about an inch up.
The strip was placed into the water with the marker line above the water.  As the towel gets wet, the water moves up and the marker ink begins to spread up.  Isn't it neat to see all of the colors of dye in the marker?  You can read more about it here.

The fourth and fifth experiments were on acids and bases.  The students started with a jar filled with beet juice.
They added in various substances to see the effect on the beet juice.

You can see that the smell wasn't the greatest.  
Can you see the different colors now?  One is pink and the other blue.

Substances tried included baking powder, lime juice and more (that I don't remember).

Look at the great variety that they made!  This is not exactly what we did, but it is how to make a PH scale using beet juice.

The sixth experiment was with a bowl of milk.

Drops of food coloring were added to the bowl.
Watch what happens when dish soap is added.  Read more about it here.

The seventh experiment was my favorite!  A balance was made using applesauce cups which were empty.
In a separate container, baking soda and vinegar were mixed together to form the typical volcano.
Once the bubbles had settled down in the jar, there was still gas remaining in the jar.  In order to see this, the gas was poured into the cup (but not any of the liquid).  Can you see the scale tilted?!
She then added some to the other side to watch it tip the other way.  It was just wild seeing the weight of something that was invisible to our eyes!
The last experiment was a lot of fun for the students.  They made a substance by mixing glue with borax.  Here is a description of that.  And another one.

As always, there is yummy food to finish up the day.  This was food reminiscent of France - croissants, cheese, grapes strawberries and creme brulee'.

As always a delightful day of learning with our friends!