Sunday, February 8, 2009

Couple of funnies,a week-end update and a prayer request

We left Friday to go visit my sister's family.  We had a blast and enjoyed having time to hang out with them.  I'll post more details - and pictures - if I can figure out how to upload the photos. 

I thought I'd share a couple of funny stories with you though.

At one point on Friday, the boys were trying to do chin-ups.  Isaiah was swinging on the bar, lost his grip and fell on his back.  He had the wind knocked out of him and I knew he was hurting pretty badly.  He did get up though and walk to the sofa so that I knew he was fine.  A little while later he was going down the steps when Joshua brushed past him.  Well, this bump set Isaiah's back to hurting again and he sat on the step and cried.  I called Joshua back and asked him to apologize and make things right.  Isaiah doesn't like to be comforted and Joshua didn't know what to do.  I told him just to sit there.  Joshua's next question just made me chuckle inside.  "Can I get a book?"

Earlier this evening, Joshua approached me and very seriously said "If we ever go to New Zealand, I don't want to go.

I asked "Why not?"

Joshua replied "Because of the cannonballs."

I was confused and just repeated "Cannonballs?"

He stated, "Yes, they eat people."

Huh?  I was confused for a moment and then said "Do you mean cannibals?  They aren't there any longer."  LOL

On a serious note, would you join me in praying for Eli?  He just 3yo and is going in tomorrow, Monday Feb 9 for surgery on his heart.   You can read more about it on his mom, Lisa's blog.   They have been waiting for this day for quite some time, and yet you can never be quite prepared for handing your child over for open heart surgery.  Lisa told me tonight that she was looking forward to having a ticker like mine that said the number of days "AFTER" open heart surgery.  It is much better on this side of surgery.  Praying for you dear friend!!!

UPDATE:  Eli's surgery was a success!!!  No complications and all went very, very well!  Praise God!  Please continue to pray for Eli's recovery and healing and for his family as they juggle all that is on their plates right now!