Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summer wrap up

So many fun pictures.  I tried to condense by combing some of them in collages.  Just wanted to share a peek at the rest of our summer and then will dive into back to school, field trips and more.

For the 4th of July this year, we were split.  Rebecca was in an acting camp that performed Pride and Prejudice.  She was Jane Bennett for those who have ready the book/seen the movie.  She did an amazing job!!!  The play was delightful and we all enjoyed it.  

Roger and Isaiah were on a Civil War trip - serving as hosts.  Isaiah got so much positive feed back for his servant attitude.  They even gave him an unexpected gift at the end of the trip.  He loved the whole experience and has been talking about the Civil War non-stop!  Any of you Civil War buffs recognize this spot?  

Christopher was working at Camp Oak Hill, so it was just me home with 3 kids.  Can I tell you how odd that felt to have just half of them with me?  We wanted to have fun too, so we met some friends in Apex for their fun town celebration.

There were games, inflatables, food and more!
This was such a cute and clever game - and the kids loved it!

After playing outside in the morning, we ate lunch and then headed to the movies to cool down.  We saw Despicable Me which was great!  And crowded.  Lots of people with the same idea.

We did some sparklers and small fire works at home later that night when Roger and Isaiah returned.

 We were a part of our church's VBS, "Kidsweek", again this year.  Eliana for the first time went without either Rebecca or I with her.  (Rebecca was going to be with her and was moved at the last minute.)  One of Eliana's wonderful Sunday school teachers was with her class and Eliana had a great time with Ms Allison!

What else did we do this summer?  

Played games.

Went for a bike ride/walk.
Worked on a kilt.  (Part of the Highland Games at camp)

Spent time with friends.  (Two of the boys were in the Apple Camp and made movies)

Took swimming lessons.

Despicable Me 2 again.

Played dress up

Cooking (and being silly)

Went back to the beach again.  One last time before school started.  Had to include the picture of George who goes everywhere!
 Just like this picture.

 We celebrated my birthday.  Don't you love this card from my sweet boy?

And I got a photo with all of my children.  It was just what I wanted!

I had envisioned this being a summer where I got a lot of my projects done and my house cleaned and decluttered.  Didn't happen, but I did have fun with my family.  I hope you did too!