Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kohl's Kids Who Care

A few months ago, one of my sweet friends (Melissa) told me about a contest for which she wanted to nominate Rebecca!  What a sweet thing!  As she got into the process, it became clear that the nomination needed to come from someone closer to Rebecca and so I completed the paperwork for her for the Kohl's Kids Who Care contest.

I shared about her work raising money for children with heart defects at Duke University.  She was touched by all that Eliana had gone through and wanted to do something to help others that needed it.  She began making bracelets and selling them.  To date, she has raised over $8000.  We are hoping to set up a store for her to be able to sell online, but it hasn't happened yet.  (One of the many things on my undone to do list.) 

Well, this week she received a large envelope from Kohs ... and she WON!  She won for the local store division and is now entered into the regional division.  Way to go Rebecca!  She was given a Kohl's gift card which she is pretty excited about!

I know that she didn't start this for the recognition.  Rebecca has an amazing heart for children.  I see this over and over again in the ways she interacts with children, in volunteering to help with the children at church, in her desire to help orphans, in her help with our family all in addition to helping children with heart defects.

I'm proud of you Rebecca!



PS  If you are interested in seeing some of her bracelets, I know I've posted about them on my blog in the past.  Hopefully the search function can help you find them.  Her ministry is called Wholehearted.