Monday, October 10, 2011

Blowing Rock ...

I love this place.  We've been coming here for so many years.  I started this post after our last visit there, and just couldn't get to adding in the words.  Our time visiting this place is soon changing as my parents are moving.  Change is never easy, and the emotions involved are many.

We went back to Blowing Rock again for a long week-end - and I'll post more pictures on that soon.  For now though, here are some from our last visit.

My parents live on the side of a mountain.  The view is amazing.  I know you can only get a peek of it here, but you can probably see why hanging out on the deck is a favored spot in good weather.
I have pictures from many years of my children in this spot.  I never tire of them.
As we try to pack up, its the spots all over the house that are familiar that will be missed.  There is no way to take all the the things that are in this house and some things will just be missing.  Even if all of the "things" could go, it still wouldn't be the same.  A collection of family photos.  Eliana loves looking at the bottom one and pointing out who the people are in it.  Not even all of them on that wall either.
Wedding photos.
Gathering at the huge farm table for games, meals and conversation.

I had taken a lot of photos of the house, but perhaps those don't need to be shared.  Its kind of sad seeing pictures where things are removed from the walls and shelves and boxes are cluttering the floors.  We have so many memories here.  Thankfully, we can take those with us wherever we go.

I will miss this place and know that my parents will even more.  I'm not even sure how to put this into words.   My parents built this house and it has so many special, personal touches - from a library with bookshelves on 3 walls, (I would love a room like that) to a playroom with built in bunk beds.  

From a craft room with light coming in from two sides to a wall of memorabilia from my Dad's coaching days.
We've gathered here for holidays and just for fun days to visit.  I will confess, that the change is hard on my heart.  I know its harder for my parents.
We are trusting in God's perfect timing on this.  Trusting Him to provide and care for all of us.  As I was praying about this change this week-end, I was reminded of the words in the Blessings by Laura Story.  (Its beautiful if you have never heard it.  Click on the title of the song to go listen to it.)

"The pain reminds this heart that this is not our home."

We can't always see the bigger picture.  In truth, we have been richly blessed in many ways.  Our memories of time in this house is a blessing.  Given by a God who loves us completely.  Even though changes are ahead, we know God is with us.  He is near.  I'm praying for my parents that they will know God's mercies with them as go through this change.  We love you both!

More later with pictures from our most recent visit and the fun new memories we made.  As a special treat on the way home, Rebecca and I made a detour to visit my sister while picking up something at Ikea (so we didn't have to  pay $60 in shipping).  Rebecca and Keri had fun hanging out - even though the visit was short.

I'm so thankful for my family.  I'm thankful for the good memories I have of my life with them.  I'm thankful for the lessons I've learned and how my values have been shaped by my family.  I'm thankful to live close to my sister and parents.  I'm thankful.  When things overwhelm me or my emotions start mounting, I need to remember all that I've been given.  Thank you God for the rich blessings of family!

In His Love,