Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New prayer request

Actually, two requests. One for me and a bigger one for Daniel.

For me.  I'm not sure what to share and will just say that I just feel weak and hurt.  At times, wondering if God is even hearing my prayers. I *know* He does - it just doesn't feel like it when there is no answer.  I really want to walk in the path He has for me and hearing nothing can just be painful.  Does this make sense?

My feelings are not pretty. I know that. I know that the Bible says God loves me. He hears me. He is with me. He has a plan for my life for good. I just would like to feel it too. Or maybe I just need to trust more.

Could you also pray for Daniel? This is such a deja vu request. Today we went in for a routine eye appt. When the looking got longer - I knew. Something was wrong. I just prayed for the dr to be able to know clearly what was going on. Like last year, she saw problems with his optic nerve. (He had an MRI on this very day last year and all was fine.) Well, the problems are different and still not "normal looking". He is going to be referred to a neuro opthamologist at Duke.

I didn't ask what this could mean. Didn't want to do that in front of him and wasn't sure I wanted to know. Did a quick google search though on the specialist and what they do as well as her description of the color of his optic nerve. We don't see any other symptoms or signs of problems, but she wants someone else to check him out to be sure.

We will probably get the referral within a week and then have to wait a month or two for the appt - sooner if there is a cancellation.

I was calm when she told me and now it's late and I need to go to bed. Could you pray that there is nothing wrong with our little boy? Alternately, if there is something wrong that they would find it quickly and that it would be fixable.

Thank you for your prayers.