Tuesday, February 20, 2007

7 Ounces!!!

Yippee!!!!  (I need some more icons here!  Where is the one doing the happy dance?!!)   Eliana had her ped appointment today and she has gained 7 ounces in the last 5 days!!!  That is her biggest gain yet!    Our ped is thrilled - and so are we!  Eliana currently weighs 9 pounds and 1 ounce.  (Still smaller than her next oldest sibling at birth.) 

Our ped was also very happy with how her heart sounds, her movement (much more active now), her oral motor skills (she is trying to suck her thumb/hand and is pretty persistant) and even her body/head control.  It was really a good visit. 

She even commented that based on how Eliana is looking now we might be able to wait until April to have surgery.  I really want to get us out of this "yuck" season.  So many of our friends have been hit with this too - it's just everywhere!  Makes you want to stay inside and at home for sure!  

Our next dr appt is on Monday with the cardiologist.  How nice it is to only have 1 dr appt this week.  (What a comment from someone that is used to going many many months between appts for our children!)

That's all for now.  Don't know that I have time to get into the many other things on my heart - like nursing/pumping and how much to keep trying as well as schooling my children and working to creatively do this while we are dealing with such huge life issues with Eliana.  We continue to appreciate the support and encouragment from so many people.  I'm waaaaay behind on answering emails - but please know that I appreciate them so very much! 

With love and a happy heart,

Good health

is such a blessing!!!  It takes having it removed sometimes to really appreciate the joy of feeling well.  Having experienced a difficult last year with my health (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) during pregnancy, I have so appreciated days when I felt well and was able to eat. 

I am thankful to report that all of my family is feeling well!    I am so thankful that Eliana has remained well!  Isaiah, our 5yo, also managed to escape this illness.  He was very lonely being the only well one and was so glad when he was able to be with everyone else.

We have a ped appointment today for another weight check.  We have been adding the additional powdered formula to boost the calorie content of her feeds.  Hopefully this has helped.  I can't really tell.  She seems content most of the time - and sleeps most of the rest of it.

Praising God for good health today.  I hope you are experiencing this blessing as well!

With love,