Saturday, October 2, 2010

Walk to Cure Diabetes

I'm posting this is a "sticky" to be left at the top of my blog through the month of Oct.  Please scroll past this for newer posts.  Please go here to read more about the local walk.

Joshua's Fundraising Page

If you would like to join us at the walk, we would LOVE your support!!!  Please let us know if you'd like more details.



31 for 21

There are a group of bloggers that will be blogging each day of October about Down Syndrome.  I thought about trying to join in, but probably won't as I'm not sure I can do it!  Not that there isn't enought to say.  Some days, there are lots of thoughts and then others, not so many.  You see, Down syndrome is a part of our life - but it isn't most of our life.  Yes, Eliana does have Down syndrome, but that is NOT who she is - its just a part of who she is. 

Eliana delights my heart.  She tends to do this to most who are around her too.  Her siblings adore her.  This isn't to say that they don't get angry with her - especially when she dumps yogurt all over the floor, messes up their legos or draws on their wall.  Despite those stinkery moments, we still think she is a doll!

Last night as we were at a volleyball game, Eliana wants to wave, hug or give high 5s to people.  Our friends all really seem to enjoy this.  Some of them even seek out those hugs that are so freely given!  I undestand that as I love them too!

As she was hugging someone last night that didn't ask for one, I pondered needing to work on that.  I need to teach her *not* to hug everyone.  Some people will not want a hug from her.  I know that in my head, though in my heart it is hard to understand.  Her hugs are so full of love.  So pure.  So innocent.

Not everyone can see that though.  I'm so very blessed to be in a place and surrounded by people who can see Eliana's beauty, charm and love.  I'm thankful for those who look at her and don't see "Down syndrome", but instead see "Eliana".  It is part of her, not who she is.  She is so much more!  She is beautiful and perfectly created by a loving God. 

I'm thankful for this precious girl and all she adds to our life.  I'm forever changed by loving her.



PS  On an exciting note - Eliana had her first chicken nugget happy meal last night!  We went to Chick-Fil-A and there aren't a lot of options there.  I decided to try it - and she did it!!!  I'm so proud of her.