Saturday, March 31, 2012

Florida - the beach

When we first looked at the weather forecasts, it looked like we would have cooler days at the beginning of the week and then warmer days towards then end.  Well, then like weather does ... it changed.  We planned a trip to the beach and it ended up being cooler than we had thought it would be.  I'm behind the camera - but I had on a sweatshirt and being wrapped in a blanket was sounding good too!

No matter the temps, this little girl LOVES the ocean!  She runs and plays with reckless abandon.
I'm always surprised that she doesn't get cold!
The boys headed in too.  Maybe it was just the adults that didn't want to get wet.
Rebecca enjoyed walking on the beach.  Its one of my favorite things to do as well.
I love pictures from the back.  I know I'm not the only one.  Just something sweet about the angle.
The older boys played frisbee.
Until a wave took it and wouldn't give it back.
This guy is growing so much and learning to do things he wouldn't do in the past.  He, like his siblings, loves to be at the beach.

You can see the speed at which she moves by noting the direction of her ponytail.  Or maybe it was just the wind off the ocean.  Cute, either way.
Wouldn't be a day on the beach for my guys without someone having a digging project.
Joshua is hard at work.
But he made it ... four corners neat and square!  (Yes, we've just been reading Mike Mulligan.)
The vehicle we drove onto the beach.  It made a nice wind break.  LOL

There were some people flying some pretty amazing kites out that day as well - and some of them were huge!  

This was one of my favorite photos.  Just love the sheer delight on her face!
Finished playing in the water and its time for some building in the sand.

Roger does a great job building castles for Eliana so when she is in demolition mode she can take out his and not a brother's work.

She does love her Daddy!
Keaton and Isaiah working together.  Looks the tide is fast approaching.
Daniel and Jesse on the other side of the building project.
It was a beautiful day and no matter the weather, the ocean is always magnificent.  What a testimony to a Creator!
Even as they grow, I'm still taking those shots from behind.  Some days, its all I can get and yet I do still love them.

Thankful for this beautiful day filled with sand, water and many memories with family and friends.