Monday, December 1, 2008

Angel Tree

I wanted to share with you a group that I think it pretty special.  I've mentioned it before, but want to write more.  It's Reece's Rainbow.  This is a charity which promotes and facilitates the international adoption of children with Down syndrome.

Last year our family sponsored a child as Christmas gifts to some of our family.  I'm thrilled to see that this year, this little boy has found a family and hopefully will soon be home with them!

I've visited this site often and have to say that these children just tug on my heart.  I see such beauty and innocence.  I pray for these children every day - that they would be loved and that they would soon find a forever family.

You can help!  Won't you please visit this site and look at some of these precious children in the  Waiting Christmas Angels Gallery .  The cost of international adoption is high ($25,000 on average) and by sponsoring a child or a family, you can help a child be rescued and brought home to a loving family.

For some of these children, they will face living in an institution once they turn 4.  Most of them don't live past the first year.  This statistic just breaks my heart!

Won't you join us in sponsoring a child?  Maybe your heart will be turned toward doing more - and bringing one of them home.  Go ahead and look.  The faces are just precious.

I want to share one with you that has touched my heart.  This is Tonya.  Our family is praying for her and doing what we can to help her find a family.  Isn't she beautiful?!

If anyone is debating about a Christmas gift for me - this would be perfect - sponsoring one of these beautiful children.  If you sponsor one for $35 or more, you will receive an ornament (just do it before December 15th!). 

Please share this site with anyone you know.  The need is great and the children are so very precious.



Rebecca's "Coming of Age" birthday party

We celebrated Rebecca's birthday by hosting a party a few days before her special day.  Since she was turning 13, we viewed this as a time that she is "coming of age".  We had a special time with Christopher on his birthday and looked forward to having this with Rebecca too.

We invited a few close friends to join us in a time of encouragment.  Each person that wanted to, was invited to share some encouragment with Rebecca.  I loved the variety of things that were shared from memories and Bible verses, to hopes and praises.  After we shared with her, we then spent time praying over her.  It was a sweet and tender time.

I prayed that these words would be cemented in her heart.  I pray that she will always know that she is loved, treasured and precious.  I wish I had thought to record this.  It occured to me during - but not before.  Rebecca even mentioned that this would be a good thing to be able to listen to again and again.  I did pray that God would cement these truths into her heart.

 I shared some verses that I loved with her.

God said,

"You are precious in my eyes, and honored, and I love you."

Isaiah 43:4

Always remember how very much you are loved – by family and friends, but mostly by the One who created you and reigns in heaven.

17"The LORD your God is in your midst,
A victorious warrior
He will exult over you with joy,
He will be quiet in His love,
He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.

Zeph 3:17

I'm so thankful that Rebecca was able to hear from a variety of people that she is loved.  That the gifts that God has given her are recognized and valued.  She has such a tender heart and it is something that is really appreciated by those that know her. 

Afterwards, the men and boys joined us.  We then set out for some different kinds of fun - a scavenger hunt.  The children were divided into 2 teams and given a list of things to find.  They were asked to take a photo of each item and have at least one team member in each photo if possible - and not to find more than 1 thing at each place.

Here is the list of things that they were looking for on the hunt.

__ A pumpkin

__ Christmas decorations

__Picture of a turkey

__An orange vegetable (not a pumpkin)

__A diamond that is bigger than a breadbox

__A fast food restaurant menu

__A church


__A speed limit sign

__An advertisement for a sale

__Place with a lot of books

__An animal (can be real or not)

__A football (not belonging to our family)


__A person in uniform

__ A "slug bug" (VW beetle)

When they returned, the teams compared notes as to what they found - and where.  We were able to look at the pics when Roger loaded them onto the tv (via the laptop).  That was fun.

We then shared a meal together.  Rebecca helped pick the menu.

Non-alcoholic sangria

7 layer dip (There are lots of  recipes and I can't find the exact one we used.  I have it saved though if anyone wants it.)

My friend Barb's mexican casserole - YUM!

We had lemon cake and sherbet for dessert. 

Rebecca had requested that in lieu of gifts this year that money be given to a little girl named "Tonya".  Tonya is an orphan listed on the Reece's Rainbow site.  She has captured our hearts.  We pray for her - and the other children needing families daily.  We are working as a family to raise funds to help with her adoption.

We did give Rebecca a gift in addition to a donation to Reece's Rainbow.  We gave her a silver cross.  This was to signify to her where her hope lies.  I pray that it serves as a reminder to her of the One her loves her so deeply, of the One who made her and rejoices over her with singing, of the One who calls her beloved.  I'm so thankful that she is a child of the King!

We had a great day/evening celebrating Rebecca.  I wish you all could have been with us.