Thursday, December 1, 2011

State Fair!

Yes, I'm still playing catch-up.  Will hopefully be able to post Thanksgiving, birthday and service project pictures this week-end.  Until then, here are some more fun outings from the fall.

We love the State Fair.  We are so blessed to live close by!  Everyone was excited to go and thankful some of our friends could go with us!  We went on a week-end to avoid some of the long lines.  Roger and Christopher were both able to join us in the afternoon.  

I was thrilled to learn about a booth that had gluten free fries!!!  They were yummy and it was so nice not to have to worry about what she was eating.  We also found hotdogs she could have thanks to the owner who went out of his way to find out this information for us!
Happy girl with her fries.
Food is always a highlight of the fair.  So many things fried!  LOL
We all enjoyed sampling various things!
One of our favorite sites each year is the Farm Fresh NC.  The kids each get a basket and "pick" fruits and veggies to fill it up.

They are given a bag of treats when the exchange their crops for "money".  They also played a nutrition game.  I was excited to see the new Food Plate (replacing the Food Pyramid) that we had just learned about.  Have you seen this yet?
We looked at the exhibits and enjoyed seeing the ones entered by friends.  This picture is one that Rebecca entered.
Oh, and the rides.  We learned last year that Eliana enjoyed rides!  Can you see the delight on her face?
Group shot.
Eliana is one the roller coaster with Daniel and her Daddy.  And she loved it!
Can't you tell?
Games and wining prizes.  Rebecca and Hanna both won a "Minion"
The vote for Family Favorite would go to the Bumper Cars.  Everyone (except Eliana who is not yet big enough) loves to ride these!

My girl that likes to twirl and spin - well, the oldest one - rode on this with her friend Hanna.  They seemed to like it - but I was glad to be on the ground.
When the sun went down, the temps really dropped.  We rode a few more rides.
Eliana slept.  Soundly.  Through the rest of the night!
I can't believe that Daniel is already big enough to be on this ride!
We ended the evening with treats.  Funnel cakes.  YUM!
and NC State ice cream.  YUM!  (You can also see Hanna's cute minion.)
We left just as the fireworks were going off.  (Yes, Eliana slept through this too!)  What a fun ending to a great day!

Some things are just fun to do year after year.  This is one of them.