Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beach, Birthdays and Fun

We went to the beach in early April to visit my parents and to celebrate my Dad's birthday.  Look at the cute cupcake "cake" that Rebecca made for him!  

 Most of my kids with my Dad.
 Diving in ... literally!  LOL
 It was cooler when we arrived, but not so cool that we didn't head out to play on the beach!
 I had thought they might get a little wet and sandy, but not fully since we didn't bring swimsuits.
 Yeah, were you laughing at that thought?!   I should have known better.  They got soaked ... and loved every minute of it too!
 I just thought this was a sweet photo of Daniel.
 These three are such fun together.  Most of the time.
 Having a blast!
 Lets add some sand to the sopping wet jeans too.
 Isaiah starting on a sand castle.
 This is how very messy my little one got.  Maybe the greater the mess, the greater the fun?
 Trying to beat the tide.  A game played for centuries and not usually won.  Still fun though!
 More fun on the beach on the second day too.  I didn't have any other clothes options so this time we just planned to be soaked and sandy!
 Some aimed at sandy more than others.
Thanks Mom and Dad for having us!  We had a great time!