Monday, June 14, 2010


My internet is limited and low this week.  Will post a few things, but it will be sporadic.  Just a few late photos on a camping outing Memorial Day week-end.  The kids have been eager to go camping and the long week-end provided a great  opportunity for a spotaneous camping trip  - in the back yard.  The kids had a few friends join them in the fun too.  They set up tents.

Eliana didnt go camping this time.  Hopefully next time.  She did like playing in the tent though. 

She did enjoy riding down the hill on our street while the campsite was being made ready. 

She had very little fear of the hill (uh-oh!).  And can you see the grimy face?  Here is a better look.  I'm not sure what she was saying to me as I snapped this photo. 

They told stories and laughed.  It was a fun night! 

Every good camping trip needs a cook-out around the fire.

It was a blast for everyone.  I'm not sure how much sleep they ended up getting though.  Here was the scene in the garage the following afternoon.

My kids have a great Daddy who is willing to do fun things with them!  Thank you Roger!

Next post will hopefully have pictures and details on the giveaway!