Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring Break!

I can hardly believe that it is already March!  Where has this year gone?  It seems so quick for some reason.  Christopher is home for a week from school and his siblings are so excited to have him here.  They are busy trying to plan all of the fun things that they can squeeze into the week!  LOL  Its always wonderful to have him here.

I'll post more about our week - probably at the end of the week (or later given my track record lately).  I'm hoping to play a little catch up this week on the blog so I'm not posting cold weather things when its turning warm.  We'll see.

This post is just a random assortment of some things we have been doing over the last month.

Dinner after spending some time with the book The Story About Ping which takes place in China.  Fun eating new/different foods and in an unusual way.

Eliana doesn't realize how fortunate she is to have a big sister who is willing to fix her hair in such pretty ways - and dress her up cute too!
I bought more clay after the boys had so much fun with it at co-op.  Great entertainment and nice to have the electronics off.

Finally got the princess to work on her craft from Before co-op.  Its an adorable snowman!  She just did NOT want to make it while we were there.
I knew that she would enjoy glueing and sticking and not sure why she doesn't want to work in that environment.

A new haircut.  Looking handsome!

Fun foods for the Super Bowl.  (Yes, I'm that far behind)
We have had a variety of medical appointments in the last month or so - and more to come.  Its just NOT fun at all with Eliana.  She is scared and uncooperative.  We are fortunate to have a great team of medical professionals who are very patient with her.  This is before going to see the dentist.  Thankfully her teeth look great and there is no need for any further work!

The boys are enjoying doing more cooking and like when they can be independent.  Their favorite thing to make is nachos.  Yes, not a huge amount of cooking, but it make everyone happy.

We went to the consignment sale this month and found mostly things for the girls.  Yes, girls.  Rebecca found a lot of things this year!  I even found a new skirt.  :-)  And not surprising, Eliana was the big winner.  She is the one who needed the most as she has had a growth spurt.  The boys have a lot of things that still fit them well.  I ended up earning at lot this year too which is encouraging since it is a lot of work to get things ready.  I try to price things to sell and think that has worked well for me.
Whenever it is sunny or nice, this is where my boys like to hang out.  Christopher introduced them to the Eno life and they have embraced it fully.

I'm having fun with my new phone.  This is one of the apps that turned a photo into a card.  Just fun!

We are enjoying a fun week and I'll play more catch up in a what's going on post like this soon!  Hope your week is going well too.