Sunday, November 13, 2011

Something so simple ...

and yet the impact is big!

I don't know about you but there are many areas in my home that are a struggle to keep clean.  One of those for us is the kitchen.  Specifically cups.  Have a drink for breakfast.  When you come through again, you grab a new cup because you don't remember which one you used the last time.  And so it continues, all through the day.  With many people doing this, it doesn't take long for the cups to really multiply!

Can anyone relate?!

Saw this at my sweet friend Angela's house and finally got around to making one for myself.

It's a place holder for your cup.  Fix a cup of water, drink and place it in the spot.  When you are thirsty again, go find your same cup instead of getting a new one.  Novel, huh?  Loving having just 7 dirty cups per day instead of 20 or more!

I just drew 5 circles and then colored them in each child's "color".  I let them decorate them.  Laminated it and it was ready to go!
I have found one problem with this one though.  I need to put Eliana on the front - nearest where she can reach as she just tends to grab a cup since she can't see the names on the cup spots.  ;-)

Thought someone else might enjoy this idea!