Friday, January 21, 2011

New Year's Eve!

Late in posting, but wanted to share some of our fun.  I use my blog posts from year to year to help me in planning.  This year, I decided to ask my children which parts of the evening that they wanted to be sure we kept.  They all had answers ... making pizza, decorating gingerbread people, watching a movie, playing games, answering the questions, well, pretty much all of it!  We are a family that enjoys trying new things and also enjoys traditions!  One sweet tradition of this evening is having some of our favorite friends join us!

We had to have the bags!  The bags have a clock on the front with a time.  When that time is here (more or less) we open the bag.  Inside is a clue and one or more items that go with the clue.  These used to be somewhat of a surprise.  Not so much any more, but they still love it!

1st clue: 
People are silly and funny too!
Do you think they are sometimes blue?
Maybe they’re happy or perhaps mad
A game of expressions will make you glad!

In the bag was the game Silly Expressions. 

2nd clue:
Let’s get ready for some noise.
This is for the girls and the boys.
We’ll also need signs to mark the date
And photos of families to start the slate.

In the bag were supplies for making signs and noisemakers.

3rd clue:
We’ve been busy, is your tummy starting to rumble?
You’ll like the next step, so don’t start to grumble.
We’re making some disks – unique each one.
Everyone will be glad when they are done.

In the bag - pizza making supplies!

4th clue:
What makes you special and unique?      
Getting to know this is a treat.
We’ll look to the future and ponder the past,
Seeking to follow God each day of our path.

In the bag were sheets of paper with questions on them and pens/pencils.  Here are the questions for this year.

*Favorite book you’ve read this year
*Favorite trip/outing you’ve taken this year
*Name something you are most thankful for
*Something you have learned
*Favorite accomplishment this year
*Something you hope to do next year

This is personally one of my favorite activities.  I love this glimpse into everyone's lifes.  What they found important.  More about a hope or a dream.  I save the slips each year and have plans to make a memory box to keep them in. 

5th clue:
God made you and you can’t beat that!
Glasses, freckles or a funny hat.
Our faces help others know who we are,
But our insides are what make us a star.

Inside the bag - sprinkles and other decorating items to go on homemade gingerbread cookies!  My sweet friend Rebecca made these and they were sooooo good!
We took some family photos early in the evening.  I would love to have a new family photo each New Year's Eve as a way to start my New Year in scrapbooks.  Roger was in NE visiting his family. 

6th clue:
It’s time for adventure and maybe a giggle
Find a spot to sit and don’t wiggle
Does anyone need something to eat
You can have some popcorn while in your seat

In the bag - the movie, Despicable Me and popcorn.  (Not sure why the photo didn't turn?)

7th clue:
The movie is over and the days near the end
Still a little more time with our friends
Let’s play a game – or maybe more
We’ll split into teams and then start to score

In the bag - pieces from some games.

8th clue:
Let’s turn our hearts to God and lift up our prayer
He is here with us and out everywhere.
There are others who need Him and we play a part
We’ll pray for others and seek His heart.

In the bag - slips of paper with Bible verses and other slips of paper that were blank.  I asked each person to write something that they wanted prayer for on the slip of paper.  We then drew one of the slips and went around the table praying for each other's requests.  This was new for this year and I really liked it!  Our requests ranged from those serving our country in the military to the poor to orphans and more.

9th clue:
It’s time to say good-bye to ‘10
Watching the ball drop is a fun time again
A hug, a prayer, a sweet drink for the toast
Happy New Year, it’s 2011

In The Bag - cups for a toast

What a fun way to celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of another!  I love this tradition and am thankful to my FIAR friends who introduced it to me several years ago! 
Even though it is a little late - Happy New Year to you all!