Monday, April 1, 2013

Field Trip to Defy Gravity

This was such an amazing field trip.  I was excited when I first heard about it and we have been waiting eagerly for our turn to go!  I wasn't sure if Eliana would be comfortable going by herself, so I signed up for a Mom and Me time with her.  Well, I did bounce with her some, but she LOVED it!

 It was a fun place to hang out with friends.
 And even spending some time bouncing solo.
 Eliana eagerly moves from place to place with no fear at all!
 Great exercise.

 Lots of room for lots of people.  We weren't the only ones there, but since it was a school day, we mostly had the place to ourselves.
 There was a bouncy slide on one end.  (You can kind of see it in the above picture.)
 And a room with mesh walls where they played tag with some balls.

I loved the blur of Daniel moving so quickly in this photo.
 And a pit filled with lots of foam blocks.  Perfect for jumping into!

 And some of the braver (and more agile) did flips into the pit!
What a fabulous place!  And great for all ages!  

If you are local, you can visit Defy Gravity and benefit a friend's adoption fund at the same time!  Here are the details.

Date:  Wed April 10
Time:  7-9pm
Cost:  $20
Friends who are doing the fundraiser:

You will need to complete a waiver and can do that online before you go.

If you have questions about this site or the fundraiser, please ask!

Have a great day!