Friday, December 9, 2011

Hill Ridge Farm

Our last field trip of the semester.  (We did have a service project in December.)  We visited Hill Ridge Farms.  We were hoping that by going in November we would avoid some of the crowds and still have a great time.  

We had a beautiful day and lots of fun!  This was a pricier outing, but there was so much to do there - and I didn't get pictures of all of it either!
We saw a small maze as we entered.  This picture just tickled me because she looks so purposeful in her stride!  Nothing holds her back!  
 Thankfully she had great siblings to help her along the way.
 Before going on the hay ride, we decided to have some time to play.  There were swings and a giant slide!  The kids LOVED this slide!

 Eliana loved going down with her friend Hanna.
 There was also a giant gazebo filled with corn.  Lots and lots of corn!  There was a line so each group of children had about 5 minutes at a time in the corn.  They had a blast.

Our group went on a hayride together around the farm.  
 I love seeing my kids having fun with their friends.

 Fun to be on the other side of the camera every now and then too.
 I thought the path was lovely.
 There were pumpkins scattered all over the field.
 Each child took as much time as they  needed to find a pumpkin to take home.
 The hay was amusing for Eliana too.

 Group shot!

 After lunch we played more on the grounds.  There was a bounce house, a fort, a giant covered area filled with hay and more.
 As always we hung out as long as possible with our friends and then headed to the van just as it was starting to rain.  Fun day with friends.

More tomorrow on our Thanksgiving!