Saturday, May 5, 2007

More on my "Real Girl"

I know many of you read the entry I wrote for my daughter for a contest that was sponsored by American Girl.  (See here if you haven't read it already.  )

Well, the contest rules stated that winners would be notified by May 1 and we haven't heard anything.  I had shared the piece I wrote with Rebecca.  She was hopeful that she might win.  So was I!  When May 1st came she was disappointed and feeling like the work she had done was not "good enough". 

It was a good opportunity for us to talk about who we are to please and where we are to look for approval.  One of my friends uses the phrase "an audience of one" in talking about who we are living for.  Rebecca and I talked about how all of our efforts are to bring glory to God.  He is the one that we are to seek to please - not other people.  (A hard, hard thing to learn.  I know I am far from mastering that one!)  I also shared with her that people will always let you down or not act in ways that you want or expect.  It is not a reflection of your efforts or worth or even their love and care for you - but just a fact that we are human, sinful, not capable of acting in love all of the time.  God alone determines our worth - and He has told us that we are precious to Him!

The following day she told me that she had been thinking more about the contest and had a  new perspective.  She said it was really great that there are so many girls (over 12,000 entered in the contest!) that are doing things to help other people.  That's my girl!

Rebecca has continued to work hard on her bracelet sales.  She went to campus with her Dad last Wednesday.  She sold bracelets in a couple of venues and almost sold ALL that she had!  She raised over $800 in ONE day!  This is her biggest day yet!  Check out the new total in the sidebar!

Almost $4000!!!

She still has some orders to fill and then I'm not sure where we'll go from here.  We also have some friends in other states that are interested in helping sell some of her bracelets, so maybe that will be our next opportunity - we'll see.  I'll keep you updated as best I can. 

Thanks for checking in!