Saturday, June 20, 2009

Our last "Sports Saturday"

This is a week late because we have just spent the last week at the beach.  I was trying to catch up a little while we were gone - and will post beach pics later when they are uploaded. 

We had our last "Sports Saturday", well, for a few months anyway.  Our boys had their final games with their flag football teams.

Joshua had the first game at noon.  Roger was working, so just the children and I went.  We set up our "tent"/awning which provided much needed shade.  We had a nice lunch that we bought at the concession stand.  It is a great deail - we get a combo lunch cheeseburger/hamburger/hotdog with chips and a drink for $2 - $2.50.  Everyone was happy.

 Both boys played well and had tough games.  Unfortunately, their teams did not win.

That is part of playing sports - learning how to be gracious in winning and losing.  I'm thankful for the life lessons that their coaches work to instill around sports.  I'm thankful that they make a point to talk about God in the context of their lives right now and in how they are conducting themselves on and off of the field.  I'm glad my boys have the opportunity to play for these teams and look forward to more football in the summer/fall.