Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to share a little bit of our day.  We are a family that enjoys traditions and for some of my children those have become very important.  What is sweet to me is when they are old enough to also help carry out the traditions.

We started the day at church.  After lunch, I layed down to rest and ended up taking a long nap.  While I was sleeping, some of the others in the family went about doing things that perhaps I should have been doing.  One of our traditions is a scavenger hunt.  We do this several times a year and it's always a fun thing to do - both the hunt and the surprise at the end. 

We also have pizza - a heart shaped pizza for dinner.  I figure for any future son-in-law, I've set the bar not very high in terms of a sweet tradition.  For my boys, they may have to work a little harder to make the day seem romantic.  LOL

Isaiah helped me to make the pizzas this year.  We make one into a heart shape and write "I Love You" on it.

We all thought it was yummy.

The big surprise though was that Eliana actually ate some of it!!!  Yippee!!!  Moments like this give me great hope.  Hope that one day meals will be a little easier and we won't have to look for alternate foods when we are eating things that are a challenge for her.  I have several with various "food issues" and so making progress with any of them is cause for celebration!

Rebecca planned the scavenger hunt.  She wrote up all the clues.

She also made goodie bags and purchased the treats to go in them.

Along with the bags were cards that she had made by hand as well.  Are you impressed with her yet?  Eliana shows her appreciation.

Isaiah is also one that really loves traditions and also the giving of gifts.  He bought donuts to share with everyone and made this lovely, sweet display for the family.

Hope your day was sweet and spent with those you love!