Saturday, May 19, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

***I wrote this on Mother's Day, but wanted to wait to post it until I had pictures.  I hope you enjoy!  ***

What a delightful day I've had.  I think that this has been one of the best Mother's Days ever for me. 

I was able to sleep in today which was a treat in and of itself.  Joshua (7) really didn't understand this.  He wanted to wake me up to show me that he loved me.  Roger kept trying to explain that it showed love to let me sleep.  He asked which is more important - sleep or love?  I can tell that sleep just doesn't rank high on his list of priorities.  One day he'll understand. 

So, guess which child woke me up first?  Yes, Joshua.  He had made me a badge that read "Best Mom" and wanted me to wear it.  I promptly put it on and then went back to sleep.  He came in again later to show me a valentine that he had helped Eliana to make.  She scribbled some on a heart shaped note that he had written for her.  Very sweet!

I was treated to breakfast in bed.  Quite a breakfast it was too!  An omelette, bacon, english muffin, fresh fruit and a strawberry smoothie.  I also had beautiful flowers on my tray and the food was garnished with fresh herbs.  Isaiah was very interested in sitting with me and was ready to help me eat whatever I thought I wasn't going to get to. 

Before I went downstairs, I had a treasure hunt that Rebecca had made.  The first clue was taped to Eliana.  I had further clues that led me around the upstairs and then to the top of the stairs where I was blindfolded and led downstairs.  I was greeted by a large "Happy Mother's Day" on a chalkboard.  Then a table filled with flowers (3 arrangements), cards, candy and a gift.  All around the room were many, many colored pictures that Rebecca, Joshua, Isaiah and Daniel had worked on all morning. 

They each delighted in giving me the card that they had made.  I delighted in receiving them!  What sweet sweet children I have!  (Most of the time.)  Christopher made a "card" for me on the computer - two actually.  One was a photo of Eliana that he had "written" on using photoshop.  The other was a note made of race car tracks from one of his favorite games. 

I am so very glad to be a Mommy!!!  It is truly the most amazing experience.  I am thankful for each of our children and all that they bring to my life and to our family.  Once again, I know that I am very blessed indeed!  I encourage you to hug those that you love today!  Take every chance that you have to show those you love how much you care!