Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

I just wanted to start by saying Happy Birthday to my Dad!  I'm glad you had a fun day with yummy food!  Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

April Fool's Day.  I'm not a big one for playing pranks, though I will do some.  This is probably because I don't really like them played on me.  I don't really think I can expect to initiate them and not get them back.  However, I did start the day with a small one.  I added green food coloring to Joshua's cereal bowl and then put the measured cereal on top.  I then put a measuring cup with his milk beside it for him to add when he was ready.  He added the milk and began to eat.  I snapped a couple of pictures.  He continued to eat.

I left and did a few more things and then walked back to Joshua and asked if he had looked at his cereal.  He did.  He said nothing.  Rebecca and I are giggling at this point, but not really sure what to do with him.  I speak to Joshua again and ask what he thinks of his milk.  He looks again and notices that it is green.  (I'm not sure if the color doesn't show up as well because he is colorblind???)  Finally he asked why his milk was green and I was able to say April Fool's Day.  LOL  This worked really well for those looking for a fun prank.

We had co-op this morning (more on that in another post).  Rebecca went with her arm in a sling.  (She is one that does like pranks.)  She is so sweet that you just want to believe all that she tells you!  She also had plans for dinner.

During the afternoon, Christopher (who also likes pranks) struck with a few of his own.  The first one involved the computer.  I was trying to print something for school and the mouse/buttons/etc just weren't working right.  So I rebooted.  It does fix a lot of problems.  I called Christopher down and he was already chuckling.  He has done something to the mouse to switch the buttons - the left button did the functions of the right button and vice versa. 

He had more computer tricks up his sleeve too.  He put black tape over the bottom of the mouse to make it non-functional.  Thankfully I was able to figure that one out on my own.  He also messed with the icons on the home page and made them all "images" instead of icons so that they didn't work.  He also put the buttons in different places.  He told me that Daniel was able to figure out how to get to his game though!   Way to go Daniel.

Rebecca worked hard on dinner.  This was all her plans from finding the menus to helping shop last night.  She made wormy apples.

And cupcakes. 

We told the boys that since it was Papa's birthday that we were starting with cupcakes.  They loved this idea!  The skepticism came quickly though when they looked at their plates.

Isaiah looked at his plate and quickly stated "This is not a cupcake".  Once he found out that there was meat in it though, he was very excited!

Daniel was skeptical too and took a cautious nibble to see what it was.

Joshua tested some of the "frosting" and told us that it tasted like potatoes.

It was meatloaf on the bottom and tinted mashed potatoes on top.  It was really  yummy too!!!  Most of us really enjoyed them.  Daniel was just not convinced though.

It was a fun day and we are thankful for the time to laugh and play outside and just spend time together as a family.  I hope your day was filled with fun too!