Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I goofed on my blog ...

and would love some help please!  I tried adding in a button to my blog a couple of days ago.  I put it in the side bar.  I have done this before and didn't think anything of doing it again.  Well, I learned a lesson. 

***You should have a recent and updated copy of your blog template saved in a separate location.  I thought I had done this, but  it was long ago and I can't find it.  It probably would have been missing a lot of things anyway.***

So, I've lost a lot of information that was in my sidebar.  Some of the things I'll be able to recreate (hopefully).  I would love some help here.

If you are one of my blog friends, could you post here or send me an email with your blog address so I can work on making a new "friends" list of blogs?  I know I can find a lot of them, but it would be so much easier if you could post and help me out - please.  :-D  Those that are on my friends list with homeschoolblogger - I can retrieve that list!  Whew!  It's all the others  that are hosted by different blog sites that will be a bit harder to get.

Thanks friends for your help.

Merry Christmas!