Friday, December 4, 2009

All I want for Christmas ...

Have you heard this yet?  What do you want for Christmas?  If you have children, you've probably heard it or maybe even asked it.  It's not a surprising question.  When we are stumped we often want to know what will really please someone we love.  We want them to know that we hear their heart and understand.  It is a sweet thing to be known and understood. 

When I ponder on Christmas and gifts, I confess that it leaves me feeling a bit overwhelmed.  There are a lot of reasons - from money to time to even the need. 

When it comes down to my heart, there is really just one thing I want.  Now, before I list it, I don't want you to think that there aren't other things that I would be thankful to have or even see as a need.  There are those things too.  (A chair that need to be replaced before it falls apart, carpet that needs cleaning, a gift card to Panera to enjoy a little treat, etc.)  I would glad give up all that and more for just one thing. 

Those that know me well, will see this as no surprise. 

I want this precious little girl, Tonya, to have a family.  (And yes, I would love for it to be ours!)

I want her to know how much she is loved by someone who will wrap their arms around her and hold her tight.  I want to her feel kisses on her face and tickles on her toes.  I want her to see the joy and love for her in the eyes of parents and siblings.  I want her to have a family.

I've prayed for this little girl for over a year.  During that time, I've fallen in love with her - as much as one can from just a picture and lots of prayers.  There have been many tears shed for her.  Why?  Well, her fate is grim.  She is already past her 4th birthday which puts her in line for a trip to an institution.  A place where she will receive no stimulation, no affection, nothing.  Most children die within the first year.  It is a horrible fate.  It makes me weep.  It is all because she has Down syndrome. 

There are many children like Tonya facing a similar fate.  Far too many.  She is just the face of an orphan for me.  Will you please consider doing something?  Would you consider making a difference in the life of this child? 

If you donate $35 (it is deductible on your taxes) to Reece's Rainbow, you will receive an ornament with a picture of Tonya (or any child you sponsor) on it.  It makes a lovely Christmas gift.  Think of those who really don't need "more" or those who have a heart that would be blessed knowing that you have given to a child in their name. 

***I've added a "chip in" to the right of this post in the sidebar of my blog.  If you would like to make a donation to Tonya, you can do it right there.  These are tax deductible donations as well.  Thank you for considering this.

For many families, the cost of adoption is prohibitive.  It costs about $24.000 for an international adoption.  It's not in the budget of most people I know.  Yet, I've seen families do it.  I've seen many trust God to raise the funds so that they can make a difference.  I know I might not be able to make a difference to all these children, but maybe I can make a difference in the life of one child. 

For those who may be wondering, we are prayerfully considering what God is asking of us.  We would love for you to join us in praying for a clear sign of what God wants us to do.  We know that He has called us to care for orphans and there are many ways to do that from giving money to praying to adopting.  Just waiting to find out if God is willing to send us.