Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a day!

It's been quite a day around here.  We awoke to find Eliana with blood all over her face, hands, clothes and bed linens.  :(  We determined that she had a bloody nose at some point during the night, but obviously just dealt with it herself.  I was surprised since she has runny nose and we had the  humidifier going.  I guess it could have been worse.  After cleaning her up, her nose started bleeding again.  It did on and off for a little while as I tried to clean her and just get it stopped.  Thankfully it didn't happen again during the day.

Roger went back to work today, but went in a little later to help get us all settled before he left.  I was very thankful for this!  I stayed in my pjs and just went downstairs where I stayed - on the couch - for the rest of the day.  It was hard to just sit when I can see soooo many things that need to be done.  My older two children were very helpful.  Rebecca even planned and made "bag lunches for the boys" with chicken nuggets, homemade fries, a small toy and more.  She pretended that they had gone through a drive-through to pick up their order.  :-)  Isn't she a fun sister?!  Christopher fixed me a fun lunch tray.  I had lots of helpers with Eliana since I can't pick her up or carry her.  We just stayed in the family room for the day.

Things were a little chaotic around here.  I miss having some routine and the boys seemed to need to burn off lots of energy!  LOL  I hope tomorrow will be a little better.

Eliana is still feeling a little crummy - congested, runny nose, some coughing and not eating as well, though today was better.  She plays well, and is such a little delight even when she isn't feeling 100%.  I'm hoping that this will pass soon.  The younger boys have all had it and it seemed to linger for awhile. 

My foot is doing alright.  I have been trying to wear the lovely boot more.  One of my friends pointed out that hopping really wasn't a good idea in case I slipped and came down on that foot again.  I think it may help to protect it some from the children when they forgot not to touch or step on it.  I'm thankful that I'm strong enough to get around and lift myself from crawling/scooting when I need to.  I don't have crutches and may look into the possibility - or may just tough it out for a little longer.

Daniel, our 3yo, has been sort of cranky and out of sorts.  He had a VERY hard time going to sleep.  He kept crying and saying various things hurt -  his finger, his lip, etc.  Finally, he threw up.  Roger was with him (I was with Eliana) and helped him.  He then got sick several more times.  Poor little guy!

Eliana is having a hard time sleeping too.  I've been trying to get her to sleep for quite awhile.  She just ate some and fell asleep, but woke back up.  I'm listening to see if she'll put herself to sleep or needs me to hold her.  Daniel is up again crying - and probably sick.  I'm glad that it's just 2 children that need attention tonight! 

We would love prayers for health.  I would especially ask prayers for Eliana not to get what Daniel has.  I don't want her to have that on top of what she already is dealing with.  I think it would be too much. 

I thought our days after Christmas would be filled with games, books, some cleaning/decluttering and even some craft projects.  Guess we'll have to do those another time.  I'm looking forward to some days of nothing - boring - no drama.  :-)  I hope I don't sound as though I'm complaining.  I'm choosing to be thankful through all of this, as we are really all doing well despite some health issues.  I'm thankful that all of the things are short-term and not life-threatening.  I'm thankful that we have all of our basic needs met.  I'm thankful for my family and the many ways we are blessed. 

I am thankful that we can draw together in prayer and praise to the One who loves us and sent His precious son.

With love,


PS  I'll hopefully add some Christmas photos tomorrow.