Sunday, July 5, 2009

Visit to ped, talks with endocrinologist

Well, today (Sunday) has been more of the same.  Isaiah threw up during the night.  :-(

Joshua's numbers were fine at breakfast (210), had insulin and breakfast.  Within 2 hours, he told me that he felt badly and wanted to be checked.  49.  He is doing a LOT of crashing which is very concerning to us and to his doctor.  Gave him juice and crackers and got him back to 108. 

He continued to feel badly and had loose stools.  Another 2 hours and he is low again.  Ate lunch and called the pediatrician.  I was thankful that Eliana's wonderful doctor (ped) was on call and I was able to get an appt with her at 1:40.  Even though we have other children that have been sick, Joshua has been sick on and off most of the last 10 days.  That is just too much. 

It was good to see her and she joked with me asking if I was going to become a nurse when I grew up.  She is a great doctor and tenaciously fought for Eliana in so many ways.  I knew she would do the same for Joshua.  We talked about his history and she was impressed with my notebook(s) detailing everything and the sheet of info I'd typed for her that I knew she would want regarding his sickness and when it occured.  She told me that she thought Eliana had prepared me well to handle this.  I agree.

We talked a good bit.  She was glad that knowing the other children had been sick that it seemed more like a virus than something terribly wrong with Joshua.  It may just be the combination of the diabetes and the virus is just too much for his little body right now.  Joshua was able to give "samples" to be tested.  He even commented that being a doctor was a great job because you got to examine "pee" - and get paid for it.  LOL  Love a little boy's sense of humor.  (I hope this doesn't gross anyone out!  Well, a lot of this is gross, so sorry!)

While we were waiting, she called Joshua's endocrinologist (who is also wonderful!).  They talked for awhile and then I also talked with her.  What I didn't realize is that while I wasn't standing there, that one dr had wanted Joshua admitted to the hospital.  The other told her I could handle it.  Then how about the ER?  The other thought he would be better at home.  That is a great vote of confidence, though a little unnerving too, kwim?

Here are the changes.

  • Change in meds.  One has been eliminated and the other is to be based on carb counting.  A new med is being added (lantus).  The hope is that this will eliminate some of the spikes we are seeing in his blood sugar levels.

  • Joshua will be getting an ultrasound tomorrow of his kidney to see if there is anything going on there of concern.

  • Lab cultures will hopefully be back in a couple of days and we will have more information from that.  We will see the ped again on Thur

Joshua felt really crummy the first half of today.  He even asked me if he would get to a point where he didn't have stomach aches every day.  :-(  I assured him that he would.

Joshua's endo dr called this evening.  She has been so wonderful about emailing and calling us!  She is really concerned about Joshua and even told me that.  She is concerned about how many lows he is having.  (Several a day)  We talked about his new meds regimen and she wants his  numbers tonight in an email and wants me to page her in the morning to discuss his numbers so we can decide together his med dosage.  I'm so thankful for her availability, interest and desire to get this figured out.  She has been analyzing his numbers and believes that we may be able to help him by making the changes in his meds.   I hope and pray she is right!

I'm thankful for such wonderful doctors!!!  God has blessed us greatly in this area by hand-picking people who have gone over and above in order to help our children.  Thank you God!

More later (probably tomorrow) as I need to go test and get snacks ready.  Thank you for your continued prayers.