Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Isaiah! Retropost

I am late in posting this - but we celebrated 2 birthdays in September.  Our sweet Isaiah turned 7!  What a wonderful 7 years it has been!  I know the pic is fuzzy, but I love his smile!

One of our family traditions is that we spend the day doing whatever the birthday person wants to do.  Isaiah had a full day planned for us - and we had a great time.  He wanted to start the day with a picnic breakfast in the park.  He picked a great park that is on a lake and has a fun play structure, picnic tables and hiking trails.  He wanted biscuits for breakfast - we had a variety of things to go in the biscuits including sausage, egg, cheese, jelly and ham.  It was a yummy start to the day.

We then spent some time playing on the play structure.  Since we were the only ones there, dodgeball was the game of choice.  If you were tagged you were frozen.  Once frozen three times, you were then it. 

Then we spent some time hiking.  We followed one of the nature trails and read about various animals and plants living along the trails.  The camera battery died partly through our hike, so I don't have a lot of pictures.

We then headed to Golden Corral for an early supper/late lunch.  It's a great choice because everyone is happy with what they are eating.  Even Eliana has some things there she enjoys.  The waitress even fixed a special dessert for our birthday boys (Joshua and Isaiah have birthdays just 6 days apart).

We had a fun day celebrating our Isaiah.  For those that don't know him, I'll share a little bit of what I love about him.  I love his voice - it is deep.  Really deep for a little boy - and it's always been that way too.  He sings beautifully and projects like a professional.  I often wonder what type of job he'll have and will he use his magnificent voice.  (The flip side is that we always know where Isaiah is playing b/c we can hear him!  lol )

Isaiah has a great imagination and loves to pretend a great variety of things.  He loves to dress-up, build and play with playmobil!  We have large cities and fortresses frequently in our home. 

Isaiah has a great money sense - though I'm not sure if he'll work on saving or spending.  He likes to earn money and is frequently wanting to have some type of "stand" in front of our house selling something.

Isaiah is active and full of energy.  He is constantly moving and doing.  Isaiah enjoys learning about pirates and adventure stories.  He loves doing Five in a Row - it's his favorite part of school.  Isaiah has strong opinions and is quite comfortable sharing them.  Did I mention that he is very funny?!  He often has us in stitches and I love his sense of humor!

I thank God for this sweet boy and am so glad he is a part of our family!!! 

I love you Isaiah!  Love, Mommy