Sunday, April 19, 2009

At Home Therapy

Much of the therapy that we do with Eliana is incorporated into play.  Most of the skills that she needs to work on can be done in fun and interesting ways.  Not to say that it isn't ever a challenge - especially the feeding/oral skills - but mostly it's just a new way of looking at play. 

I've tried to incorporate the rest of the children into Eliana's play so that their time with her can also be helpful to her.  Since we are going to play, it might as well be done in a way that benefits her.

Rebecca has really taken this responsibility to heart.  She helps in many ways with Eliana.  I think her favorite thing to do is dress her.  It's like having a live baby doll.  LOL  Notice their outfits in the pictures below.

On Friday, when they went out to play, Rebecca decided to make an obstacle course for Eliana!  All on her own initiative she created a fun play area - that helped with her therapy goals!  Isn't that just the sweetest!

She started by pushing uphill on this little ride-on toy.

Then she walked across a balance beam while Rebecca held onto her arms.

Next came an inclined plane.  It tilted up until she reached the middle then shifted down as she finished the second half.

Then under a slanted board.

Love the look on Eliana's face. 

The next task was to put the balls into a box.

There was one more inclined plane before going up two steps to the finish line!

Great job girls!!!

Just a fun picture of my little boys.

We are all loving the beautiful spring weather and the time outside to play.