Sunday, April 19, 2009

At Home Therapy

Much of the therapy that we do with Eliana is incorporated into play.  Most of the skills that she needs to work on can be done in fun and interesting ways.  Not to say that it isn't ever a challenge - especially the feeding/oral skills - but mostly it's just a new way of looking at play. 

I've tried to incorporate the rest of the children into Eliana's play so that their time with her can also be helpful to her.  Since we are going to play, it might as well be done in a way that benefits her.

Rebecca has really taken this responsibility to heart.  She helps in many ways with Eliana.  I think her favorite thing to do is dress her.  It's like having a live baby doll.  LOL  Notice their outfits in the pictures below.

On Friday, when they went out to play, Rebecca decided to make an obstacle course for Eliana!  All on her own initiative she created a fun play area - that helped with her therapy goals!  Isn't that just the sweetest!

She started by pushing uphill on this little ride-on toy.

Then she walked across a balance beam while Rebecca held onto her arms.

Next came an inclined plane.  It tilted up until she reached the middle then shifted down as she finished the second half.

Then under a slanted board.

Love the look on Eliana's face. 

The next task was to put the balls into a box.

There was one more inclined plane before going up two steps to the finish line!

Great job girls!!!

Just a fun picture of my little boys.

We are all loving the beautiful spring weather and the time outside to play. 




  1. How precious is that!! I love their outfits and that the older takes care of the younger.

    Today my 12 year old looked out the window only to see my 2 year old crying dissapointed tears because she wasn't allowed on the trampoline. So out she rushed to make her feel better and play with her to get her mind off of it! Moments like that melt my heart!

  2. What great play your dd came up with for Eliana. Love to see siblings getting along so well. You are doing a great job providing all that your dd needs to learn and grow. Hope to talk to you soon.



  3. How adorable! What a blessing too!!!


  4. great obstacle course Rebecca - Eliana has some great siblings to learn from and grow up with! hopefully our girls can play together at another PPark meet in these warmer months : ) aj

  5. Thank you friends for enjoying this moment with me. Tereza - loved hearing about your sweet one too.

    AJ - I hope we can meet up again sometime soon too!

  6. Terri and TylerMay 1, 2009 at 6:45 AM

    I love to watch your children at play- and especially to watch how much Eliana changes every time i read your posts. Her achievements i see as Tyler's future goals- her face is always lit with joy and wonder, Its so great to watch!! Tyler will be 2 tomorrow- and is now colostomy-free and done with all his surgeries!!! praise the Lord

  7. Hi Terri,

    I'm so glad it's encouraging to see Eliana. I know I feel that way about people that are a little further down the road too.

    That is wonderful news about Tyler! Happy Birthday!!!

    Hope to see you sometime soon!



  8. What a great idea your 13 yr old came up with! Tell her she has inspired me to do something like that for my son when he's a little bit older. He's 19 months old now, born with Down syndrome in October 2007.

  9. Sorry, I forgot to include my name in my previous comment about being inspired by your 13 yr old.



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