Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Birthday Photos

There were so many that it was hard to choose just a few.  Here is a glimpse into our sweet Eliana's first birthday party.

She had fun opening her gifts - and had a LOT of help!

Can you see what her shirt says?  "I love my life."  I thought this was just perfect for our sweetie!

Next is the best part - eating the cake.  She tried some but didn't "eat" a lot of it.  She did seem to like the chocolate frosting though.  She definitely liked playing in it. 

What fun it was to celebrate our Eliana.  Thank you God for blessing us with this adorable little girl. 

I wanted to update on some of our medical/therapy appointments this week. 

Eliana's appt with her pediatrician went well.  Our ped is such a delight and it's just nice to see her.  We finally got a picture of her with Eliana too.  Eliana is growing taller, but unfortunately not gaining weight.  We are going to work to give her more food each day to increase calories.  I'm not concerned about her weight (yet).  I think it's due to the volume we are giving her (and it's been the same amount for quite some time) and also due to recent illnesses (having diarrhea for weeks can't be helpful in trying to gain weight!).  She is still on the typically developing growth chart for both height and weight though.  Way to go little girl!

Daniel's dental appointment also went well.  We were in and out in less than 30 minutes which is nice.  He did cry during some of it, but was able to pull himself together and finish it well.  He was cooperative and I was proud of him.  Given some of his sensory issues, I wasn't sure how the dentist visit would go.  The dentist we see is wonderful - very calm and patient with the children (and I have one that has definitely tested that fully!). 

Therapy today for both Eliana and Daniel.  Daniel LOVES going to therapy.  He has been talking about it since we were there last week.  Today he was taken into a sensory play room.  He was so overwhelmed that he couldn't do any of it at first.  I told his therapist (OT) that this was typical behavior when in a new place.  He did eventually play at a sand table and then some on a swing which he seemed to like.  It seems that he avoids some things so as not to have the sensory input.  I know this may make no sense - it honestly doesn't make tons of sense to me.  Most (or all) of us have some sensory issues (bothered by noises, light, certain textures, etc.), but most of us can adapt and not have it affect our quality of life.  For some, they need help in learning to work through it.  That's what we are doing with Daniel.

Daniel also tried some foods.  He spread frosting on a cookie and then added sprinkles.  He tried it (which surprised me since he had a fit over sprinkles on his ice cream just a couple of weeks ago).  His first comment was "ouch".  He did keep trying it though.  He seems to like spreading things and we are going to try this with other food items.  Cream cheese is next on the list.  He also tried some jelly on a graham cracker.  This is a first - the jelly.  This is a step toward a pb&j!

Eliana also had feeding therapy.  She is improving - though it is slow.  Her OT noted that she seemed to like textures (graham crackers) better than the pureed baby foods.  She didn't make quite as big a mess today - but enough to get a bath when she got home.  :-)

Eliana also had physical therapy today.  She was tired and it was more work for her than she  wanted to put into it.  Her PT noted that she is doing better with her standing.  We learned some new exercises to do with her too.

On other fronts, I am trying to declutter the boys room.  What a mess!!!  I'm hoping to remove quite a bit from their rooms so that there is less to make a mess with.  We'll see if I can get through it before they make another mess in there.

Eliana has finally fallen asleep in my arms so I'm going to head to bed soon too.  Even though we are having a busy week with lots of appointments, it has been a good week.  I'm thankful for much.  I find myself often thinking back to a year ago.  We were still in the hospital - and it was hard.  It's so nice to holding my sweet girl in my own home now.

Many of my dear friends on the Five in a Row board wished Eliana a Happy Birthday!  You can read those  Birthday Wishes.  So many notes of people who have prayed for us - and their children too!!!  It was a sweet thing to have so many people rejoicing  and celebrating with us.  I loved what one friend had to say.

"Happy, happy birthday to the little girl who has driven all to our knees in prayer and who has caused every one of us to lift up our arms in praise!"

Have a blessed day as you celebrate the One who loves you so much!