Thursday, June 7, 2007

Needing wisdom!

Hi All,

If you are up late and reading this, could you please pray?  Something is wrong with the feeding tube/pump/bag - I don't know which or what.  *sigh*  Just when we figured out a placement for the tube that isn't getting yanked out, I'm wondering if I'm going to have to pull it and start over.

I tried doing a feeding about 12:30.  She was awake but wouldn't take the bottle.  I tried this for a short while, but when it was evident that she wouldn't take it, I hooked her up to the pump.  It ran fine for awhile and then began beeping with "flow error" messages.  I tried all that I could think of to get it to work.  I drained the bag, and restarted it.  I shook up the formula to see if any of the added powder had settled.  I tried resetting the pump.  All of that still resulted in the flow errors.  (Did I mention that this equipment came with no manual to help with any problems?  Thankfully I had read the manual that came with the first pump we had and know at least some of the common problems.) 

When I drained the bag a second time it seemed like there had been no difference in the amount of formula in the bag - even though it had been running.  I'm not sure if there is a clog in "her" tubing.  I tried flushing her tube with water.  It went, but was a little difficult to push in.  I also tried "listening" to her stomach with the stethoscope, and while I heard a noise, it didn't sound like it normally does.  I'm not sure though if that is because it isn't empty like it normally is when I check tube placement prior to a feeding or if it's clogged or what. 

I've been praying for wisdom.  I really don't know what to do.  It's late and not like I can phone anyone.  The pump has no directions and I can't find anything on-line.  (I really don't see what could be malfunctioning here though as I've checked as much on that as I can and it seems to be working fine.)  The only next step I can see is to remove Eliana's tube.    I just don't want to do that.  It hurts her.  I'm concerned about damaging her throat with the reinsertion. 

I was so excited to have had this tube in for a week!  That's the longest in quite a long while.  I was hoping to make it until next week so that we could stretch out the times between tube placement.

Could you join me in praying for wisdom?  I know that God promises to supply wisdom and I really need it.  You could also pray that I wouldn't continue to be frustrated with my dh who went to sleep while I'm up trying to figure this out.  I know he doesn't know what to do either.  Being a parent is hard sometimes - but I wouldn't trade it for the world!   

ETA:  Just found instructions on line about the feeding pump and I'm going to go check out each one of the possible reasons for errors.  Here's a link if anyone is interested.

Thank you friends!


Debating a trip ... and a fun photo of 3 of my boys!

I've been pondering a lot about whether Eliana and I can make a trip - to Richmond for the VA homeschool conference.  Some dear friends are going to be there and I would love to see them.  The difficulty of travelling with Eliana though is no small thing.  I've been weighing out the benefits of being there with the stressors of going. 

One of the holdbacks is a room.  There isn't one available at the adjacent hotel and I'm not sure I can pull it off without being that close.  With all of Eliana's equipment it would just be tough.  I have a sweet friend that would be going with me or I wouldn't consider it at all.

Roger is checking one last time to see if there is a room - and if not we will probably not be going.  I've just been praying that God would work out the details if we are to go - and give me a peace about whatever the decision turns out to be.

Just for fun - here is another picture.  My boys love to dress up - usually as pirates or cowboys.  This moment made me chuckle and I thought some of ya'll might enjoy it too.  The boys are 2yo, 5yo and 7yo.