Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel

This is a long overdue post - and I'll probably try to place it where it belongs and then add a link in it to the current date.  His birthday was over 2 months ago and the summer has just slipped by.  

My little boy is 8.  Really, I know I say this every year and with every child, but how can that be so?!  He is getting so big, but I also remind myself that he is still young too.  Its a fun age, isn't it?

We started his day at church as this was our VBS/Kids Week.  He wasn't sure he wanted to go on his birthday, but in the end decided to go.  We sang Happy Birthday to him during snack time.  (This is where I was working so it was easy to get a photo.)  

When we got home, there was more fun in store!  His brothers planned a scavenger hunt for him.  Complete with story line and lots of action.
And running around the house with friends.
And a villain.
And this is just the beginning of it being a lego kind of day.  We had a pizza lunch and then opening a few gifts.
And then we headed to the Lego store.  Daniel is captivated with Legos and he was delighted to be able to spend birthday money getting some new ones.
We made a quick stop at the Disney store.
Oh, does she love these guys!  LOL
Can you see the bag full of fun just waiting to be played with?  Filled the rest of the afternoon easily!  And much beyond that too!
We had tacos for dinner.  Its our  tradition to have whatever the birthday person wants to eat for the whole day.  :-)  And we all love tacos so this was a great meal for everyone.  Daniel is holding up 8 fingers to show his age and also has the red "you are special" plate.

No birthday would be complete without a cake.  He loves this design and has picked it for several years running.  :-)

Happy 8th Birthday precious Daniel.  I love you so much!  You were a much wanted and prayed for child!  You were wanted from the beginning and every moment since.  I love your creativity and imagination.  I love that you enjoy talking and sharing stories with me.  I love that you still enjoy cuddling up to me while we read books - and any other time too.  I love your smile and I enjoy seeing how much you have grown and matured over the last several years.

I love you forever and always.