Sunday, June 22, 2014

FIAR vol 4: Grass Sandals

This is another co-op where I don't have many photos.  I think its hard for me to get them when I'm teaching.   Oh well, I'll share what I can and hopefully it is helpful and encouraging.

We started with talking about Japan and I asked them some questions to see what they knew about the country.  For example, do you know that Japan is comprised of many islands?  Do you know how many?  There are 4 large islands and over 3000 small islands.  This is a site you can explore to learn more.

I enjoy using this site (Operation World) to learn more about the people of a country and how we can best pray for them.  We did a devotion chosen from the ones in the manual.

Our next lesson was on writing.  We discussed some of the differences in the Japanese style of writing (see the manual).   I found a site that would translate your name into Japanese.  I did this for each of the children.

 They then spent time either trying to write their names or draw one of the characters from the story.
 This is a matching/concentration style game made from the characters in the book.  I copied two of each and made the cards.
 Our last activity was to paint a hat.  The man in the story writes on his hat.  Some wrote characters and others their name.
 I didn't get a photo of them all finished.
Our snack was some of the foods from the book - banana, eggs, rice, soup and gummies.

Another fun afternoon of learning with our friends.  :)