Monday, September 26, 2011


Is that even a word?  I think it must be one the people who are avoiding gluten use.  I can see it being one that becomes a part of our family's vocabulary.  Anyway, it happened.

We went to church this morning and then home for lunch and then Eliana took a nap.  We all got ready to go to Awana this evening and Eliana was a little grumpy.  I didn't think much of it as she sometimes just wakes up slowly from her nap.  I tried to give her a little energy boost and gave her a chocolate cupcake (gluten free) leftover from yesterday's birthday party.  She didn't dig in.  Kind of just sat there looking at it.  Really????  This girl loves chocolate.  (As most girls - of all ages - do!)  Hmmm ... well, I sat beside her and helped her.

We headed off.  Still grumpy when we got there.  Didn't want to walk the whole way.  Just little things.  She probably seemed mostly fine to others.  She just wasn't herself.  She did participate in a lot of things.  She seemed mostly happy, though it was just small things that let me know she was out of sorts.  (And I think she has a pretty good tolerance for pain too.)

I'm not sure why it took me so long to connect the dots.  As we were hurrying in, Rebecca mentioned to me that Eliana had gotten one or two goldfish in Sunday school this morning.  They had fallen under the table.  Eliana went under the table and got them before anyone saw her.  I know this is something that is just going to happen, so I didn't worry about it.  I honestly didn't think much about it until later in the evening.

She continued to be just not herself.  Finally as I was getting her ready for bed, I made the connection.  (She was not being a good listener and I just couldn't figure out what was going on.)  Then, it dawned on me.  She had been glutened.  Poor little sweetie.  Amazing too how this little piece of information changed my whole attitude and perspective.  She just isn't able to tell me any other way other than being a little cranky and out of sorts.

Just one or two goldfish.  It seems like such a small thing.  Now, I know.  I know that she is sensitive to even a little bit.  (I did know that she shouldn't have even a little bit.)  I wish I could communicate to her in a way that she understood about gluten.  I'm trying - and will continue to try.  It's just that the communication piece is difficult.  I wish she could have told me (I know, her crankiness was telling me).  Its just hard not having the words sometimes, kwim?

It will be interesting to see how this affects her tomorrow.  Will she still be affected then?

If anyone has ideas or suggestions on communication methods for this, I'm all ears!