Friday, October 26, 2007

Fri night 11pm

Well, I had thought earlier that this was going to be a quick passing of whatever germ she has - but unfortuntately its going to last a little longer.  I've spent most of the day holding a precious baby that just feels pitiful. 

She is still feverish - had a temp of over 105 at 8pm.  She has diarrhea (sp - I should look that up!) which is making her bottom very sore!  (Yes, I'm putting cream on it though wish I'd thought to do it before it became raw.)  She is able to eat some, but has just been miserable for hours now.  When she isn't sleeping (usually on me)  she is often crying.  She just feels terrible - I'm not sure she has really even smiled today.

I did finally call our ped tonight when her fever was so high.  I gave her tylenol and it brought it down to about 103.  She advised me alternating with motrin.  She also thinks that she is probably just fighting a yucky virus since all of her bloodwork came back clear yesterday.  She is on call tomorow and wants me to bring her in early in the morning.  I hope she doesn't mind my calls.  I really do hate to bother her.  Why do I doubt myself sometimes?  I know I'll get more comfortable as time goes on - I can see it in other areas.  This is all uncharted for me though.  I'm thankful to have friends helping me on this path.  I'm so very thankful for the prayers and encouragment I've received.  God is good.

I was pacing with her earlier and pondering on how thankful I am that we live when we do.  For now, Eliana's health issues are treatable.  Even though serious and scary at times, her surgeries and medical procedures have all gone well.  In a different era, she wouldn't have made it, but now she has so many opportunities ahead of her.  I've been reading a couple of blogs of other children that are struggling with so much more.  It breaks my heart - and urges me to pray.  It reminds me anew that I  have so much to be thankful for!

I appreciate your prayers for Eliana and our family.  (So far, there are no signs that anyone else has any of this crud.)  I am thankful for much tonight.  It's been 3 hours since her last dose of tylenol and her fever is back to 104.  Time for the alternating meds.

Hug your children, tell your spouse that you love them, say a prayer for those God lays on your heart.  Give thanks.   God is good all the time.


PS  Will update more tomorrow.

Fri about 12:30pm update

Hi Friends,

Thank you for your prayers and encouragment!  Eliana is doing better - though still not well.  I am encouraged and still hoping/praying that it will end soon and not pass around the family.

I stayed up with Eliana until after 3am.  She took a couple of small doses of pedialyte orally at midnight and 2am.  She also rec'd tylenol at 2am.  She did not throw up again and I didn't give any more formula.

She awoke about 7:45 and was fussy ,feverish and still having diarrhea.  I didn't take her temp, but just gave her tylenol.  I took her temp about 1.5 hours later and it had gone down to a little over 100.  I gave her pedialyte orally and she took 4 ounces.  She was hungry I think, but not sure about the temp (cold).  She normally takes her formula warm.  It's also thicker and I wondered if she would be bothere by the thinner consistancy of the water, but it didn't seem to matter to her.  That's good news!

Her ped called to see how she was doing.  She had also talked with the dr on call last night to fill him in on Eliana in case we had needed help.  Have I mentioned today that she is wonderful?!  She recommended that I try giving her a small amount of formula at her next feed to see how she would tolerate it.  She doesn't want her to lose too much caloric content since she has done so well to put on weight.

I fed Eliana again about 11am and she took 100cc of formula.  (A little over 3 ounces)  She typically takes 140cc.  So far, she is doing well with it.  She is currently napping on me.  My other sweet daughter just came in and suggested that I should take a nap while Eliana is sleeping.  Have I mentioned what a blessing she is to me?!  I need to go tell her that.

In terms of symptoms, it seems to be all G/I and not respiratory at all.  (Thankful to have skipped that part!)  It's just a waiting game now for her symptoms to go away.  She seems to 'feel" better at times and then gets fussy again.  We are just going to relax today and take it easy.  Dr L recommended that our week-end plans be cancelled - and then I shared what they were.  After hearing that we were planning a tea party, she wanted to find a way for Rebecca to be able to do that - wondering if I could pass on my responsibilities.  Those of you that know me, know that is hard.  I don't want to dump my work on someone else.  I'll do it though if it is what works best for everyone.  I have learned a lot about letting go of things this past year.

Will update more as I can.  Thank you for your prayers for our precious little girl.

With love,