Friday, February 5, 2010

Angelo Co-op - FIAR Volume 4

We are studying Angelo this week and had another great co-op day with our friends. 

We started out with reading the story and then the children talked about gifts.  God has given each of us gifts.  It is a life-long process I think to find your gifts.  Some you discover early and others you find as you experience and go through life.  I think it's exciting to see the children learning and growing and searching for their gifts.  I sometimes wish it were easier to figure out what your gifts are.  I read something recently that said you would recognize your gifts as those are the things in your life that bear fruit.  What a perfect concept.  What do you think?  Enough of my ponderings and back to co-op.

Next was a quick trip through history via art and music.  The children were going to travel through time learning and exploring the Roman Empire and modern Italy.  (The story takes place in Italy.)  Isaiah was able to correctly identify it on the map.

The children were able to select cards with a picture and a name on it.  Another child was the reader and they read clues.  The children then tried to figure out who or what was being described.  There was even a timer to make sure that this time travel trip didn't take too long.  (The kids liked taking turns with the timer.) 

What a fun way to learn about art, history and music through the centuries!  My children would never have gotten all of this without the benefit of a co-op as this is not my strength and I don't do well in teaching it.  They made an impressive time line.

After having talked about various artists and the styles for which they were famous, it was the children's turn to make art.  Today they worked with clay and were given the choice of sculpting, adding details with jewels, stones and tools, fresco and more.

They each took their time and made some neat projects. 

The last lesson was on bones.  The children learned about how bones are made and how they function - and how they are different in a bird than they are in humans. 

This wasn't just a conversation though as they each become a part of the bone (I'm sorry I don't remember the exact scientific terms) and acted out the part.

They had the opportunity to look at a real bone (chicken bone from the butcher) to see how the lattice inside the bone looked.  I loved the look in this picture of someone that has perhaps seen enough.  I can totally relate to that!

We ended with a beautiful snack plate (of which I got no pictures).  Antipasto with meat, cheese, olives, tomatoes, bread and tiramisu for dessert. 

It was another fun day.  I'm so thankful for the exposure my children have to things that I wouldn't be able to provide.  I love seeing the giftings of my friends displayed in the things that they choose to teach on.  I think I say this every time, but I'm so very thankful to be a part of this co-op!