Thursday, August 25, 2011

Beyond Co-op: Sarah Plain and Tall #1

We had our first co-op today.  I like hosting the first one.  It's such a fun group and for a number of us, this is our 3rd year co-oping with this group of kids.

We started with a group picture.

Next was a devotion.  We talked about the letter writing done in the book and also how God writes letters to us.  He wants us to know about Him and more importantly to know Him.

We also talked some about our memories and some of the children shared some stories of early memories that they had.  We then moved to an extended art project.  A number of the lessons in this book involve learning about the prairie and also the sea.  We thought it would be fun to make journals to record what they had learned.  They made an art piece for each side of the journal.  One for the prairie and one for the sea.

 They had a lesson colors - analogous colors were going to be used in today's sea project.

 For the prairie project, they gathered leaves, flowers or grasses.
 They placed these on a board then covered them with muslin.  They pounded the plants so that the natural colors from the plants would come through onto the fabric.

 While half of the group was pounding, the others were working on painting with watercolors.  They learned to mix colors and experimented with various techniques.  One of them was adding coarse salt to the project.  What a fun thing to add to a sea painting!

 When the fabric was finished, they applied modge podge to a notebook and added the fabric on top.  This made one side of their notebooks.
 When the finished one of the art projects we took a break for a snack.  They were given baggies in which they could make their own "prairie mix".  Ours included corn chex, popcorn, raisins and sunflower seeds.
 After snacking, they switched projects.
 These are the completed prairie journal sides.  Don't they look great!

Our last activity of the day was a lesson on whales and seals.  This was done game show style.  The children first listened and learned facts about these animals - then they were quizzed.  

 The winning team got to select which animal they wanted to draw.  What they didn't know is that they were to draw a life sized version of the animal.  The winning team choose a 100 foot whale!  They raced to the cul-de-sac to draw.
 First measuring the length of the animals.
 Then drawing.
 The seal.  (Kind of hard to see.)
 The whale.  (You really can't tell how far down the street it goes!)
 Eliana taking a peek at the sea life displays.
In order for things to dry, we waited to add the water color paintings to the notebooks.  They are so beautiful!  I really hope the children will enjoy using them this year.  This picture really doesn't do them justice.  I took it in the house and perhaps should try again tomorrow outside.  They are beautiful.  I love the textures and details.

I'm always delighted to see the various talents and interests that each of the children displays when it come to art.  As always, it was a wonderful day.  I thoroughly enjoy this group of families and am thankful to be sharing school time with them!