Monday, March 9, 2009

Resources for workboxes

Just a few ideas to share to help with workboxes.

Ami at Homeschoolshare has come up with these great cards.

If you are interested in making file folders, I would recommend these titles.

Take it to Your Seat Math Centers

Take it to Your Seat Science Centers

There are more titles in this series - literature, geography, writing, etc.  The ones above are ones that I have purchased.

Hope this helps.



Workboxes and a high school student

I wanted to comment on using this with a high school student.  Initially I thought I'd not do it with my oldest.  I didn't think it was necessary.  I still don't think he needs the visual cues of the boxes, but we'll see about that after we've done it for awhile.

What I am finding is that the structure of the boxes and specific directions for each one is very helpful for my high schooler.  He has gotten so much work done today and I am thrilled!  We built in a better review time for his work and I can only see this getting better.

This system is helping me to take my role as a homeschooler more seriously.  Not that I didn't before, but my efforts are much more productive and it is showing.  It's probably showing in how the house looks too.  LOL  It's hard to get it done in school and also in keeping up with the house.  We'll tackle that a little later though.