Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some Christmas Photos

Our Christmas season was low-key this year.  Still captured some sweet memories.  My two girls baking together on Christmas Eve.

 I love that Rebecca shares this activity that she enjoys with her little sister.
 This is Christmas morning.  The stockings are hidden under the quilts waiting to be uncovered.
 Ready to start the day.  Some of them have been ready longer than others of them, but I won't name names.  LOL  We read the Christmas story before heading downstairs.
 After seeing the movie, Joshua was really excited about getting one of the books about Tin Tin.
 This little girl still has to work to reach the bottom of her stocking.
 Holding a necklace that she had seen and liked.  :-)
 Just loved this sweet face!
 Star Wars gloves which have been a huge hit.
 And Legos.  Lots and lots of legos.  Of course, just getting one box usually means lots and lots of Legos!  LOL
 Our traditional breakfast with our "Christmas Casserole".  We made a smaller GF version for Eliana which she did not touch.
 Joshua made gifts for many of us from Legos.  He bought various specialty pieces, painted some and switched things to get just what he wanted.  He made a Nativity for Roger and I.  I love handmade gifts.
 He made an  NC State Lego piece for Christopher.
 Isaiah gave Christopher ping pong balls which he used to make ...
 a smoke bomb.
 Our lunch is mostly snack type foods.  We had a nicer meal for Christmas Eve.  Having these foods allows people to get something when they are hungry throughout the day.  It also keeps any of us from spending too much time in the kitchen cooking.
 An NC State hat from her cousins/aunt/uncle in NE which she LOVES!
 Christopher gave his two youngest brothers light sabers.  Really nice ones that are a lot of fun.
 Eliana playing on the elephant from Christopher and wearing her new Perry shirt from Rebecca.  She had to put on the shirt as soon as she opened the gift!
 More brotherly fun.
 Remembering whose birthday we are celebrating with a cake.
 Happy Birthday Jesus!
Thank you God for the gift of your son!  What an amazing gift!