Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Easter week-end

We spent the week-end in Virginia with our dear friends that moved here almost 6 years ago.  Its been a fun tradition for most of those years.  I'm glad we have time to spend together and just wish that it was more than we are able to squeeze in.  (More often!)

We spent our time just playing together and having fun.  No huge plans.  Just relaxing and we all had a great time.  I love seeing the mix of ages playing together.   (And especially the older ones with the younger ones.)

From tag...

To board games.

 Inside or outside.  There was plenty to do.
 Eliana and her constant friend George on the slide.
 Playing Can Jam.  (Christopher's birthday gift)
 We all took a turn at this game.
 Some were better than others.
 The game is played in teams of two.
Aim and skill are both important.  

Even the moms took a turn playing.  I did like it but I'm not very good.
 Friends having fun.
 The girls have been friends their whole lives (the older two of course).

 After spending a fun day playing outside.

 Testing our skills.
 And hoping for a good throw.
 It was time for a different kind of fun.

Sweet fun.
 S'mores outside are always a hit.
 Our days were beautiful.  Enos are a favorite with our family and we like to share with friends.
 We had an egg hunt for the younger children.
 Eliana loved finding eggs.
 She likes to collaborate with her buddy Caleb too.
 We color coded the eggs so that each child knew to look for a certain color.

 Yum.  Finding the goodies inside was a lot of fun.  She was much more interested in them this time.
 I think they cleaned out their eggs in one sitting.  LOL
 After dinner, we played outside waiting for it to get dark.
 Four square, scooters, chalk and more kept everyone occupied.
 Testing out my night setting.
 Once it was dark, we had a fun surprise for the older ones - a flashlight egg hunt!  They had lanterns, flashlights and a glow in the dark wand for one princess.
 I tried to take pictures, but between the darkness and the quick movements, it was hard.
 I did manage a few though.
 We counted out the eggs so that we knew how many there were to find.
 Amazingly, they found them all too!
 Though the last few were a little challenging!
 This was fun and I think the start of a new tradition.  I enjoy finding ways to keep the holidays fun no matter what your age!
 Easter morning and time to get dressed up.  Wish I had gotten a better picture of our princess (again with her constant companion).
 Rebecca is fabulous with styling hair and loves to help out the little ones.
 Pretty girls - inside and out.
 With their Daddies.
 All of the girls.  Is anyone surprised that the boys didn't want a picture of themselves?  LOL
 Family photo just before it starts to rain.
 This is fuzzy, but too cute not to share!  The tomb that was guarded now is opened and empty!  He is risen indeed!
 We share a delicious lunch.  Note the cute "carrot"  napkins that the older girls made for our meal.
 Thanks Couch family for a wonderful week-end!  We look forward to our next time together!

the Nelsens