Saturday, April 6, 2013

Field Trip to Art Museum

We had a last minute cancellation of a field trip and so an impromptu one was planned.  It was a gorgeous - but COLD day to head outside!  (This was a couple of weeks ago for those who are local.)  The weather in NC in the spring was wide swings!

We wandered inside the museum for a little bit and looked at a few of the exhibits and then headed outside.  Our family has not done much exploring behind the museum and we had a great time doing this.  We wandered along the paths with some of our friends.

The nature of this trip left us separated in some ways from friends.  We didn't all arrive at the same time and as we were wandering it was harder to catch up.  It was still a lot of fun.

 The trails behind the museum are nice, paved ones.  Eliana helped with her stroller, but was glad for the ride when we reached a steep hill.

It was a fun place to run and a great place for scooters too.
 We walked until we reached this bridge.
 It goes from behind the museum across the highway to Meredith's campus.  Not many people were on the path this morning.
 Some of the kids tried to get trucks to honk at them as they drove by.  And some did.

Its funny, as a driver, I've never noticed people on this bridge.  I'll have to look the next time we drive under it.
Most of the kids liked the bridge though a couple found it unnerving to be on a bridge while cars and trucks were passing underneath it.

As we were leaving the bridge, one of the very observant nature loving kids spotted this perched on the top of the bridge.  Pretty neat, huh?

On our way back, we enjoyed the company of friends.

 We went to the "cloud observation" area.  There is a small opening in the roof to allow in some sunlight.  The small amount of light causes reflections and shadows of trees and clouds to show up on the walls of the structure.
 Initially, it is very dark when the door is closed, but as your eyes adjust, you are able to see neat things on the walls.
 This was a fun spot to explore.  It would be fun to go again at a different time of day to see what we could see.
 Due to the temperature, we did not picnic outside, but instead opted to just run and play.
 This would be a fun spot to do some nature journaling and observing.  We look forward to returning.
 It was a great day to be outside - enjoying both nature and the things created by man.  A fun day to spend with friends.
I'm thankful for all of the great things to explore in our area and love doing this with my family and friends.

Looking forward to our next adventure!