Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beyond FIAR Co-op: Skylark #2

I seem to live "behind" life in terms of what I post here.  Somethings are posted currently and then life happens and I don't seem to find time to blog.  I don't think thats all bad though.  After all, it is more important to be engaged in life and with the people in front of me, right?  I do like to record things though - and also to share some of what is going on here.  I'm going to work on posting some of our final weeks of school in April and May and hopefully be caught up.  We'll see.  ;-)  

For those that have been praying for our family, please keep praying.  We are thankful for the ways that we have seen God's hand at work - both in our lives and in the lives of friends who have reached out to encourage and bless us.  We are thankful and truly blessed.  We strive to remember Who is in charge and know that He loves us completely.

One of the areas I've fallen behind in sharing is our Beyond FIAR co-op.  This is our second meeting discussing Skylark.  We started out focusing on lessons on interview questions and the group split into two groups - yes, along gender lines.  LOL  After discussing, they chose someone to make a presentation for their groups.  Both did a great job!  They also had some learning time on how to describe activities and processes so as to make the most sense for the reader.  

The second part of our lesson was on fire safety.  We learned about various dangers in and around our home.  (We looked at pictures and they pointed out the dangers in each scene.)  They learned about the 3 types of fires and which type of extinguishers would be used in each scenario.  I would read a type of material and they would move to a spot in the room marked A, B or C to indicate which type of extinguisher should be used.  This is loud, but fun way to learn.  I really enjoy learning to be hands on and active!
Next, we moved outside to put our learning to action.  We brought some old extinguishers and learned the parts of an extinguisher and how to tell if it was still functioning.  Next, it was time to try it out.
Everyone was able to try it a couple of times.
Not surprisingly, all really enjoyed doing this.  Who can blame them?  I did too!
They all did a great job with it and hopefully will be confident should they ever need to use one.

After learning about fires and the dangers of them, of course, it was time to explore the benefits of fire too.  Contained and well managed, fire can be a very useful thing.
The students did all of the fire making by themselves.
We had hot dogs and s'mores for our snack.

And celebrated one beautiful young lady's birthday!
And after the lesson, they worked on experimenting some more to see what they could do to make the fire bigger and increase the smoke.  LOL  It was a fun morning and a great way to learn!
Thankful for this hands-on time of learning with our friends!