Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Well, I'm late in writing.  It's been two weeks now.  My little girl is 12 years old.  She is growing into a lady right before my eyes.  Yet, she will always be my little girl.  What an amazing gift to me - our whole family - and many others as well.

I remember shortly before finding out I was pregnant with her that I had a vision that I was going to have a little girl.  I believed during my entire pregnancy that she was a girl  even though we didn't find out with an ultrasound.  Late in the pregnancy the thought crossed my mind that it could be a BOY - and I was shocked.  It was then I realized how deeply I believed.  Even my mom believed me!  When Rebecca was born she showed up at the hospital with beautiful pink things she had made and even a baby doll.  I jokingly asked her what she had done with the blue things.  She told me that I was so sure it was a girl, that she had only made pink things!  Good thing I was right as we had a loooooong wait until we saw pink again.

Rebecca has always been a delight.  She is sweet and a little on the shy side.  She is warm and friendly when she gets to know you, but it is a challenge for her to be a new situation.  She is funny and active.  She is also athletic.  She has played soccer since she was 4yo and still loves the sport.  I enjoy watching her play - she is a  good, competitive team member.  She enjoys being outside and doesn't mind a little dirt.

Rebecca loves to learn about many things.  She is willing to take the initiative to learn new things.  She loves to read and will often have her nose in a book - even when we are away from home!

Reading at the American Girl place.

Rebecca is a delight to teach!  She is willing to try new things.  She works to complete her assignments without being asked.  She also frequently helps her younger brothers and joins in with their fun activities.  She likes drama, dressing up and acting out a variety of things. Our homeschool is so much more fun with her in it! 

This is a book she made for Isaiah to help him learn to read. 

Rebecca loves to play with dolls and has a terrific imagination.  One of the memories I'll always treasure is our trip to the American Girl place in Chicago.  I just love spending time with her!  I love that she is mature and dependable, but also still innocent in many ways.   

 This is a new bed for her dolls that she was thrilled to receive from her Grandparents for her birthday. 

I can't stop without mentioning her tender heart.  She amazes me.  She is quick to forgive and also quick to ask for forgiveness.  She is constantly looking for ways to help and serve others.  She will often plan surprises or kind deeds for me as well as her siblings.  I've had numerous breakfasts in bed - and even a "queen's breakfast" with flowers, a royal chair and of course delicious food.  She has begun to really enjoy cooking and often takes on new projects and blessed us all with the results.

She helps things to run so much more smoothly in our house due to her selfless nature.  I am grateful to her - and so are her brothers (and her Dad too of course!).  Just the other night she told me that she was interested in earning money.  I asked what she wanted to do with the money.  She told me that she would like to earn money to buy gifts for children that don't have any this Christmas.  This is a sweet example of her heart - not just thinking of good things, but actually thinking of ways to get things done. 

I learn a lot from my precious daughter.  She is a wonderful daughter, sister and friend.  I thank God for the opportunity to be her mom.  I can't imagine a greater blessing.  Rebecca has enriched my life, taught me about love and given so much of herself in so many ways.  She tells me that when she grows up she wants to be a Mom.  I am touched that she sees this job of being a mom as a blessing.  I am confident that she will be a fantastic mother - she has so many good skills now!

This is an older picture from a Girls week-end away with some friends.  It was over a year ago, but a time of sweet memories.

For over 12 years now our family has been blessed by this beautiful girl.  Rebecca is indeed a gift from God!

With a grateful heart,