Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Happenings around here

Hmmm ... sometimes I wish I had a "catchy" title for each entry.  I often just want to put "here's an update" as that is often what it is.  LOL  I don't suppose anyone would really mind if I'm not creative.  I just don't want my writing to be boring.  I know that I've shared that I've never felt writing was a strength of mine, though I'm learning a lot through using this blog to share my thoughts and feelings.  It's been a great outlet for me - and a wonderful way to share information with a lot of people.  I continue to find that my days have few hours - or so it often seems - and way too much to do.  I do find that I have a lot more time now that I'm not pumping around the clock which is a nice benefit.  I'm not over being sad about that though.  Giving that up was a difficult choice - one that I'm hoping to one day look back on without regrets.  I can't say that I'm there now.  I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it.  Let me stop rambling about that and move on to happier topics!

Yesterday, Tuesday, we had a visit with Eliana's pediatrician.  Eliana is doing well.  She is stable and has continued to gain weight!  She is up to 11 pounds and 4 ounces.  She is even getting some "rolls" - you know the kind that cause the lines around the wrist and on the arms and legs?  I love cute little baby pudge!  We don't need to change her meds either.  She is working on holding up her head.  I love the way Dr L appreciates all of her milestones and achievments no matter how small they might seem (as they aren't small for Eliana).

We haven't seen Dr L in a month (she was out of town during our last visit) and Rebecca wanted to deliver a bracelet Dr L had ordered so she went with me.  She had requested "blue" so Rebecca brought in about 10 blue bracelets so that she could pick which one she liked.  Well, after seeing all of the bracelets, Dr. L invited the other nurses and doctors to come in.  She told them about what Rebecca was doing and subsquently, Rebecca sold 10 bracelets and received a couple of donations. 

We hadn't expected to sell so many bracelets since Rebecca had an engagement to sell bracelets on Wed!  So we went home and started beading!  My dear friend Catherine and her daughters came over and helped make bracelets.  By the end of the day Rebecca had 40 bracelets to sell.

Early on Wed morning a sweet friend arrived to pick up Rebecca to take to her college class.  We had prayed with Rebecca about what she would be doing as she was nervous about speaking to a group of people she didn't know.  (My friend is a professor of a college class and had invited Rebecca to share about what she was doing and to bring some bracelets to sell.)  Rebeca was prepared to say a little something - and very nervous about the whole thing! 

The night before,  I asked what she was nervous about (hoping to help dispel some of her fears), it was the typical public speaking fears - that people would laugh at her or that she would forget what she was going to say (how could she forget?  this is her life!).  I tried to encourage her and to remind her that she was doing this for others.  She is shy though and this was a big step for her.  She wanted me to go with her, but I assured her that my friend Pam would take great care of her!

They left a little early so that they could go by the hospital.  They sold a lot of the bracelets there.  Then it was time for the class.  Pam had told the students about Rebecca and introduced her by sharing some information about her as well.  Rebecca only spoke briefly - a couple of minutes at most - which she was happy about.  It was a good experience for her.  Thank you so much Pam for coordinating all of this!

When Rebecca came home I asked if she had sold any bracelets.  I wasn't sure what to expect from a group of college students.  She nodded yes with a smile.  Then I asked how many she had sold.  Her answer - ALL of them!  What a surprise!  She sold 40 bracelets today!  That's her biggest sales day thus far.  In the last two days she has raised about $500.  Wow!!! 

It always brings me to tears to see how God is working through Eliana to touch people's lives.  And how He is working through Rebecca in the same way.  While we were beading and talking last night, she shared with me a couple of songs that she has written about Eliana.  If she'll write the words for me (and give me permission) then I'll share them here.  But basically they were about how much she loves Eliana and how she is great.  One talked about how if someone didn't want to know her because she is different that it would be their loss. 

Some people have asked about how to buy a bracelet.  I'll work on putting some information on this blog.  It would probably be easiest if you would just email me - and please be patient as I'm pretty slow on responding many days. 

Thank you always for your prayers, love and friendship!

With love,

PS  I haven't forgotten the promise of more pictures.  I'm working on it!!!